TS4- Drifter II 006.6: Learning Lots of Skills

House 006 Chapter 6


Get ready for the adorable Freya spam!  Diane is always playing with the toys when she’s not gardening anyway so she was roped into playing dolls.


Well at least the dining room is getting used!  I did see a couple of them eating in there too later so I’m happy.


Anyone close by helps out.  It’s so different having more than one controllable sim!


Jamel visits for the first time and Freya goes chat with him since everyone else is sleeping.  It’s also nice to be able to cancel out the “wake up” interaction.


Although she does wake from nightmares still.


They decide to try for another baby.


Nooboo number 2 on the way!


The cutie pie climbing down the stairs to see mommy.  She learned all of her movement skill going around the huge house.


Learning basic needs.  I decided I wanted to try to get her skills as high as possible.  At first I was trying to max them. First is thinking skill because it’s supposed to help with the darned nightmares.


What ya doing mommy?


Daddy gets home and it’s bath time.  I had him quit his job in the painter career.  The only reason he was in it was to get those easels.


Let’s play a game!  Where’s Freya?  I played this game all the time.


Wow!  That’s with Frugal!


Don’t get any meatball on the couch!


More learning thinking skill while mommy naps in the background.


Dinner with daddy.


What on earth?  She was supposed to be waking him up after a nightmare and he was supposed to be taking her back to bed.


I wonder if they learn even faster with more than one teacher?  She sure did get lots of help!


Hooray!  I noticed a big difference in sleeping.


After that I was still trying to see if I could max all of her skills and had Tobias do the flashcards some more.  She did get to thinking 4 before I realized her other skills were ones and twos.


Where’s Freya?


Another girl!  I don’t have to worry about redecorating the room.  Her name is Aimee which means beloved.  I pronounce it Ah-me… I went to school with a girl that pronounced it that way and when I see that name Amy doesn’t come to mind.


She woke up and clapped her hands all happy!


More help.  I’m a bit sad that Leroy and Diane can’t have any kids since the house is full but they’re like second parents to the girls anyway.


He just works away all day writing so I shouldn’t have been surprised!

02-09-17_4-34-18-am 02-09-17_4-34-51-am

Tobias and Ciera aged to adult.  I didn’t bother trying to wrangle everyone into the room.  It’s such a pain and half leave before I can take a pic anyway.

greenthumbFinally, Diane got enough points for this bad boy!


More playing with dolls.  I wonder if playing together helps the imagination skill go faster?


Ohmygosh this was so cute!


Chatting with daddy to get communication skill while using the tablet for imagination.  Multitasking toddler style.


Aimee aged to toddler.  I didn’t realize that door was stuck open until I put the walls up.


Ohmygosh the cuteness!  I have never seen this.  Aimee is like Freya your hair is getting in my mouth!  I ended the chapter here because for some reason I thought this day was Freya’s birthday but it’s not until the next day!  All of her skills are over three.  I can’t see how it’s possible to get them all to five.  I had someone teaching her the whole time she was awake every day!

Chapter 006.7

Chapter notes:

This chapter is 5 days.  They are still working on making money but it’s slowed to a snail’s pace with toddlers in the house. 


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