TS4- Drifter II 006.7: Sisterly Bond

House 006 Chapter 7


I’d still like to know if two of them helping with shapes or whatever gains the skill even faster.  Anyway, I managed to get Aimee’s thinking skill up to 3 within the first day and I swear to you she never had one nightmare!  I will be teaching that one to my toddlers before even worrying about potty training first from now on!


Our friendly neighborhood vampire is back and it seems like she’s the only one that sims go chat with.  I’ve saved her to my library just in case an accident befalls her.


Awe so sweet!


Apparently Jamel painted these in the night.  I put the carrot one in the garden shed.


Then it’s time for Freya to age to child.  Ashton threw a party and invited Toby and Griffin but they never showed up.


So it seems with 4 in a skill it gives them 2.  I wonder what 5 does?

02-09-17_9-26-12-am 02-09-17_9-34-15-am

Here’s our girl!


And then this happened.  When I first saw her like this I thought no big deal I’ll reset her.  It didn’t work.  Restarting the game didn’t work.  I had to repair the game!


Mommy reading a bedtime story.  Look her hair matches the room!


Ciera got roped into helping Freya with her aspiration.


And then mommy.  It was so cute how Aimee brought her food out to eat there too.


Then it was Sunday and they really needed to get out of the house!  Off to the park.


Leroy and Diane do some fishing in the back pond to try to get some more fish for their collections.


Freya played on the playground.  I did switch her to Rambunctious Scamp to get the points for playing on it while playful.


Awe I love this family!


The girls get along so well.  Seeing this has helped me get over my disappointment of not having twins.


Toddlers sure do draw a crowd!


On Monday I was still feeling cooped up with them in the house so I brought these two to Forgotten Grotto to catch some more fish.  They both have 15/20 now.


After school Freya joined them and this was her first catch!


Having dinner together.


Chatting after school.

butt cute

I noticed these a few minutes later.  Haha!


It’s so weird being able to tell her to do her homework and not having to put focusing objects all over the house!


Leroy turned out to be a good friend.  I’m so glad that Mona met him!


Feeling chills guys?  Don’t look behind you!


And this is the moment when I realized at some point I had not saved the game.  I had this idea to make a new drifter save because for some reason almost every house in this save doesn’t have furniture anymore!  So I made a new save in a blank world and set it up exactly like this one for when 007 starts then I’ll save everyone to my library and move them.  Anyway somehow when I went to the main menu or exited the game or something I didn’t save!  I was taking a pic of this trash and thinking this has happened twice in a few days who could have done it?  When I noticed a book on the porch that Leroy had cleaned up already.  Then I looked at some of their aspirations and they were different!  I have no idea how long I missed.  A/N: I never did use that blank world.  All that for nothing, lol.


Anyway, nothing I could do about it so moving on.  More cuteness with the girls.


I finally caught one of them painting!  I find paintings down there almost every morning.


It’s birthday time!  First is Ashton aging to adult…


Then Leroy aging to adult as well…


Last is Aimee aging to child.  Everyone looks really goofy in this pic.


She would have gotten more if I hadn’t lost that time.  I didn’t work on her skills because I thought they were much higher!


Here she is.  She looks so much like her dad and grandpa Colin!


The Cortez family got a bit bigger!

Chapter 006.8

Chapter notes:

This chapter is 5 1/2 days.  Freya has 17 days until aging to young adult.  I will admit the monotony of everything has started to get to me.  I’m going to be sad that there won’t be any cute toddlers in the house to watch anymore.  I could stop making them do the stuff to make money but then I’ll be even more bored watching them do nothing.  Oh well, at least I’m closer to this…


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