TS4- Drifter II 006.8: A Bit of a Vaca

House 006 Chapter 8


Our rambunctious scamp needed to play on a jungle gym so I just bought one for her.  I’ll probably sell it once she ages to teen but for now the kids like it.




It’s weird.  The ghosts visit almost every night.  Not that I’m complaining really other than the speed slowing down. I like seeing them.  Diane on the other hand, keeps waking up at 4am and it’s been getting on my nerves!


This formal dining room gets much more use than the one in the last 006 house.  I think that was only used if I made them go in there.


Freya is in the last level of her Whiz Kid aspiration.  Not that increased mental skills will do her much good but it’s the one she rolled.  This thing makes me nervous.  I’ve had a few fires on them before!


This is not the first time she’s come home from work and just stood there and I didn’t realize she was out there!  I don’t know what’s going on with her.  She doesn’t need reset.  As soon as I told her to take a shower she went inside.


The homework bug is still alive and well.  It’s driving me crazy.  Selena kept trying to talk to her so finally I just made her help instead.  Everytime things freeze up I know someone must be talking to a kid that’s doing their homework.


I was getting completely stir-crazy in that house and micro managing everyone.  It was early Saturday morning and I didn’t really feel like taking them to the parks or anywhere so I decided they’d take a little weekend camping trip.






This little campfire was fun… until it wasn’t!

02-10-17_6-11-55-am 02-10-17_6-13-06-am 02-10-17_6-16-57-am

I thought for sure I had lost Ashton!  I was about to cry.  The fire had completely engulfed him and he wouldn’t get up!  Nobody would extinguish him either.  Finally he got up and Selena stopped freaking out and put out the fire. The log was destroyed but he was completely unphased.  The camp fire was bugged as you can see in the last pic.  It wouldn’t stop burning no matter how many times I tried to get them to put it out.  I decided it was better if they weren’t near it.


So they went to the park area.  (Or whatever it’s called.)






When she started making one darned thing after another I decided to take them back to their cabin.  These things drive me nuts!






I wanted to get a cute pic of them watching a movie together and the girls bugged out.


That’s better.  Playing with the toys they found too!


Then when they got home Monday morning they battled with their new Voidcritter cards until time for school.


I just let the adults chill out for awhile while Leroy and Diane got their needs topped off.


Because they were going to Sylvan Glade for the day.


They both now have 18/20 fish.  I was hoping to complete their collections as a sort of side project but since Freya ages up to teen soon I guess that won’t happen unless I do it while she’s in school which is a possibility.


This popped up while they were there.  She completed her aspiration too.

Chapter 006.9

Chapter notes:

This chapter is 6 days.  I stopped playing right before Freya’s birthday because I didn’t want to squeeze it into the end of this chapter.  So all we have left is her teen years.  I don’t expect there to be more that the next chapter to finish off this house.


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