TS4- Drifter II 006.9: Rosebud and Raines

House 006 Chapter 9


The rec room gets a lot more use now that I’m not as focused on money or anything.  The girls took a vacation day because I thought that Freya’s birthday was that morning.  Everyone was just chilling out waiting for the notification.


In anticipation of the big event Ashton threw a party and invited Toby and Griffin.


Confused?  I know I was!  It was Selena’s birthday in the morning not Freya’s!  I realized my mistake when the popup came that Freya was born in the evening.


Awe!  I wonder if they always get this on their birthday?


Fast forward to that evening… I know I did!



She reminds me of a less curvy Jessica Rabbit.  Rawr!

02-10-17_12-15-41-pm 02-10-17_12-15-59-pm

Once again I pulled a room off of the gallery.  The amount of detail here is amazing.  I just can’t do it.  Anyway, I had to change quite a bit to make it fit the size and be able to put in two beds.  Then I had to replicate the area above Freya’s bed onto Aimee’s side too.  Whew!  A big thanks goes out to mandykay77 for Teen Clutter Bedroom.


Freya discovers that she enjoys the piano.  It’s nice that it’s getting some use in it’s lonely corner.


I almost had a heart attack!  I tried to get a screenshot of the splashscreen but I wasn’t expecting it and I was so shocked I was too slow.  I was hoping I would have this goal to keep me busy while waiting for Freya to age to young adult but I guess not since they got this the day after her teen birthday.


Poor Diane aged to elder and I didn’t even realize it was her birthday!  I saw the build mode whited out and hovered over it and it said can’t while a sim is aging up.  I looked around and she spun too fast for me to pause.


I remembered that Ashton got the Mentor trait so I could try it out.


From 0 to 4 in one large painting!  I’d say it’s worth the points if you have them!


For something to do I had Diane and Leroy fish while the girls were in school trying to complete their collections. They never got past 18/20.  Oh well, it was something to entertain me.


On her second day of school?


I figured while we’re at it let’s have Tobias mentor her in writing.  Looks like he’s not very convincing by her face.

legend writing3

This is 0 to 3 with one children’s book without the Mentor trait.


I didn’t want to get her writing or painting skills too high because what on earth would she do in the next house so I had her work some more on a skill she can’t be mentored in.  She is a music lover after all.  Dad came over to listen.



I guess you can’t mentor with level 10 cooking.  Instead she talked to her about cooking and gave cooking tips.  I was bored what can I say?


Then it was Aimee’s turn to join her sister in teendom!


Odd mix of aspiration and traits!


That stupid lot trait and it’s things above their heads drives me nuts!  Anyway, here’s Aimee.  I had an even harder time with her than I did her sister.  They have weird shaped mouths and most hair doesn’t look right on them.


Most of the time once I was done messing around with getting Freya some starter skills they were all autonomous and I just watched them for photo ops.

02-10-17_4-38-55-pm 02-10-17_4-40-52-pm

Tobias and Ciera aged to elder.  Remembered the cake!


Getting fun up after school.


I found the one who’s kicking the trash can!  I thought it was one of the annoying vampires that stands on their doorstep.


I was wondering what they were doing when I remembered that Aimee is childish.


Enough of this!  She’s retiring dangit.


They still got it after all these years!


I’m sure this helped with the Rosebud too.


Curry challenge.  Selena and Ashton were the only ones to complete it.


Aimee’s like oh he’s good I’m going to tip him and Freya is like he’s horrible.  Meanwhile I’m thinking hey it’s the old butler from house 005!

02-10-17_7-23-02-pm 02-10-17_7-23-43-pm

So this happened.  I was furious and I’m still mad!  After she left he was passed out on the floor for hours.


24 hours!


After his book payments came in the next day!


It’s the repair girl that I married to Griffin Cortez from house 005!  When I saw her standing at the door I had Freya go introduce herself.  Now she knows everyone except for Toby’s wife who even though I know Ashton met she isn’t on his relationship panel.


I saw this later.  Their kids are teens now!


Then, the moment I’ve been waiting for!  Freya aged to young adult!  Look at that saucy pose.  She’s ready for her contestants.  First I’ve got to get everything set up for them.  She’ll see you in the next chapter!

Chapter 007.1.1

Chapter notes:

I know I probably should have split this huge chapter into two small chapters but I really didn’t want to.  Hope you enjoyed seeing the family have a bit of fun after working so darned hard.  Speaking of working hard look at the final money in reserve:


If you’re interested in the house it’s on the gallery here: Rainstead.  I uploaded it with the double beds that I designed the rooms around still in there.

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    1. It would be a good trait for something like a 100 baby challenge. Not sure if it would be really worth it in regular gameplay though.


    1. It does. Much faster, but is it worth the points? I doubt it unless you’re doing something like a 100 baby challenge where you need to mentor a bunch of kids.

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