TS4- Drifter II 007.2.1: The Struggles of Love

House 007 Part 2 Chapter 1

Before we start, some stats…


Freya’s traits…


Satisfaction points…




House traits that were rolled.


As you might remember from the end of part one it was pretty late at night by the time everything was said and done.  A little after 10pm I believe.  So there they were, both tired with no money and an empty lot!  The only collectable that had spawned was this frog well.  The only problem is that it hasn’t spawned again in the almost 4 days that they’ve been there!


Which means they’ve just been holding on to this!




After she got the dig sites she napped across from the little playground so that Levi could have this bench.


Look at all the freaking vampires!  Grr!


After selling the stuff from the dig sites and a few plants that had become harvestable they got a toilet, fridge and counter.  She’s like awe how sweet he’s cooking… yea for himself.


This is a while later.  They really need a bed.  He’s only napped a couple of times and nothing is spawning again to sell for more money!


Finally some stuff spawned that evening.  They were both completely miserable.  I had to decide shower, bed or easel.  I had sworn I wasn’t going to paint in this house and yet given the options it was the only logical choice.


Although I’m sure Levi would disagree.  Look Levi a shower go get it!


Or not.  He passed out halfway to it.  That boy needs a bed!  I feel so bad torturing him like this.


In light of Levi’s struggles Freya takes a moodlet solver potion and powers through the entire night painting.


A bed a bed!  Poor stinky guy.


The haunted trait is cool in that you get to sometimes see ghosts from previous heirs like Tesla here but sucks because they almost always break things while visiting.


Freya had to run back there to fix the shower for Levi when he woke up.  He’s like who is this ghost sitting on my bed?


I opted not to go the whole living on the lawn until I can build a house way this time.  I ran out of wall.  They woohoo’d and she got embarrassed for privacy invasion.  Darnit.  But Levi’s fun need was full red!



02-14-17_4-55-02-pm 02-14-17_4-55-48-pm

I keep seeing this one vampire walking down the street burning.  Burn!!!


Once the rest of his needs were taken care of Levi slept almost the entire day.  I forgot he’s lazy and had Freya wake him up so he would sleep that night.  He was not happy.


I thought this would be fun.  She starts at level 3.


Oops she needed a computer for that job.  Luckily her painting skill is pretty high so she managed to get one that day.


And for a bonus it gives Levi something to do.




Now they need a tv?  What a dumb task!



Four hours is a lot of time in a sim day!  Gonna turn our girl into a couch potato!  At least the penguin tv is cheap.


I decided that within the 3 days of pregnancy they should be able to afford some toddler stuff so what the hey?  Let’s try for a baby! Then I realized what time it was and decided to just let Freya sleep and take the test in the morning.


Mona from house 005 haunted that night.  She was angry and her body was all shimmery for some reason.


Oh, and she broke all the plumbing.  At this rate, Freya will be level 10 handiness in no time!


Awe poor girl wasn’t pregnant.  She crawled into bed and cried.


After repairing the shower and blogging about her feelings while Levi slept it’s time to try again.


Success!  There’s no way I could leave the walls up with a 2×2 room, sorry.


Then I remembered that they weren’t married yet.  I didn’t bother with a bunch of pics this time because frankly, I couldn’t get an angle that looked good with her darned haircut!

Chapter 007.2.2

Chapter notes:

This chapter is almost 4 days.  The first day and a half were really rough since there’s no place to fish and she didn’t get any money for starting the job at level 3.  If it wasn’t for the crazy amount of money that can be made painting they wouldn’t have hardly anything yet and there’s no way I’d risk trying for a baby.  The little “house” is valued at $7,642.

7 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter II 007.2.1: The Struggles of Love

  1. That vampire burning made me laugh. The rebates helped me a lot too but how strange the things she needs to have for her career. Good luck.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t think she’s gotten anything as far as career rewards go. The challenging part is needing to have so many different skills I think. The tasks are just kinda boring. The politics one was too when I did it.


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