TS4- Drifter II 007.2.2: Twins!!!

House 007 Part 2 Chapter 2


The frog well was finally ready!  She got a $30 frog and bred it with her $160 whirlyflower frog and shockingly got another whirlyflower!


I hope this means that Levi will be a good dad.  He seems to really enjoy chatting with the kids.  I wonder if the game generates kids when you live next to this playground because I had a lot of kids both times I’ve lived next to one.



I figured they could get a jumpstart on their silver dates and do one at home since there wasn’t much else to do other than painting which I’m pretty sick of.  The first task… watch tv.  What’s up with tv all of the sudden?


Ending out the date with a massage.  They got a gold.  Levi looks like he could get used to this treatment.


When she showed up I didn’t pay her much attention because I thought it was Mona from house 005 again.  It wasn’t until she started playing with a llamacorn toy on the floor that I realized it was Fern from house 003!  She stood up and poofed right after that and I didn’t get a pic.  I’m so disappointed.



She had to level up her writing skill as a job task.  I wonder if they knew she was close to leveling up or if she was at the beginning of a level if she’d have to spend most of the day grinding out that level for a measly $188 bucks?


Then she had to recommend a hangout or something like that.  She saw Ciera outside and ran to talk to her first.


Then she saw her mom and shared the big news before recommending the restaurant to her.


Then when I noticed Toby’s wife from house 005 I sent her to meet her.  This is the first time we’ve seen her since the beginning of house 006.


Apparently, mom stuck around long enough for Freya to start her second trimester.


They had a nice little visit.  I hope to get everyone together soon.  I wonder why she hasn’t aged to elder yet and Ashton has?  A/N: I figured it out later.  It’s that weird “no aging during pregnancy” thing.


I gave in and got marketable and creative visionary.


I couldn’t figure out why I took this pic?  Then I realized it was to show the new kitchen stuff.  Stove, fridge, and cabinets.  That took up all of the money from that masterpiece.


Back over chatting with the kiddos.


Freya had a task to use 3 flavors in the bubble blower.




Boy, that’s a mix of emotions!


Starting the third trimester.  I really didn’t feel like watching her paint…


So they went on a date.  This was from one of the bubble blower flavors.  I kept trying to pause in time to see it.


I thought this was cute.  Not sure what she was talking about.  The date went very quickly through the tasks and they got a gold by this point after she talked about the food.


This dude came over and appeared to be getting their opinion on the meal.


Then he kept coming over.




Levi went straight over and started a painting when they got home.  He’s never touched the easel before this.


Oh, he was inspired.


After another masterpiece, they got a new bed.  I splurged and got this one because I like it.  It’s funny that they have nothing but they have this fancy bed.


Then she wakes from her nap with labor pains.  When she walked by Levi he started the pre-parental panic.


Our heir is a girl.  Her name is Jane after Jane Austin.


Why is Levi laughing?  Because it’s twins!!!!  The other is a boy named William after William Shakespeare.


Despite my surprise, I managed to get the splash screen!

Chapter 007.2.3

11 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter II 007.2.2: Twins!!!

    1. Thanks! Oddly I never think of them in regards to their namesakes. Jane I think of the Jane Jameson book series and William I think of the main character in A Knights Tale. Oh well, lol.


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