TS4- Drifter II 007.2.4: Too Much Toddlering

House 007 Part 2 Chapter 4


Here we are again.  I took a few days off of playing drifter and finally get back to it.  For some reason, it seemed like forever waiting for the twins to age to children.


I have no idea why but there wasn’t any food in the fridge.  Freya got a sandwich and was about to put Jane into the high chair when Levi asked what she needed and she said food.  So he put her in the high chair and I was looking to see if William needed anything and noticed that Freya had taken Jane back out!  Dang parents with toddlers drive me nuts!


Freya’s fun need was always low so since the kids needed attention I was having her play with them.  It has the added bonus of being cute.


I swear these toddlers do not act as their traits say they should.  William should have been independent not a charmer and Jane should have been clingy… although she did act a bit wild right before aging up.  Anyway, William’s skills were much higher than Jane’s because he played by himself and got them up.


These vampires are just a nuisance.  I wish they would at least LOOK like vampires!  I’m starting to wonder if it’s possible to remove the pack… but then I have the build mode stuff in some of the houses now.


See?  So independent!  Jane had to have someone take her every time.




More cuteness.  I think he was telling daddy a story.  Also, the only money they made from this chapter was the parents painting autonomously.  Which was like $5,000.  (Some of that was from a painting by grandpa later tho.)


This was funny.  She was giving Jane a bath and Levi hopped into the shower.  I’m glad toddlers don’t embarrass them!


Then it’s William’s turn for a bath.  Freya was just about to give him a bath when Levi picked him up and carried him in.


Ugh.  She was one unhappy toddler.  Very quick to temper.


Dangit Jane!  Stop being mean!


Awe snuggles.


This is my favorite part of toddlers.  Them chatting and playing together… which didn’t happen very often with these two I’m sad to say.


Daddy gets a hug from William.




William takes it in stride that his sister is playing dolls in the nude.


If there were neighbors I’d wonder what they think?  I guess there are always sims walking on the street, though.


Freya’s dad Ashton came to visit.  It was great to see him.


Not sure why they’re chatting in the bathroom.  I’m glad it’s big enough for a pic.


Daddy just chillin’ with the tots.  Freya was exhausted so she was sleeping.


Great-grandma Mona from house 005 came to visit.  She’s always angry.


Speaking of angry.  William woke him up.  Never wake a lazy sim.


Back to sleep.  At least the sparking computer doesn’t bother him.  I did eventually have Freya call a repair service.


Freya’s little sister Aimee came to visit.  Unfortunately, she was obviously sick and I wondered if she would give it to the others… she did.


A little later Ashton came knocking on the door again and Freya had to get out of bed to invite him in.  Poor girl was always tired.


Levi entertained their guests while she slept.


Jane woke from a nightmare and grandpa told her a story.  Mom had to wake up to put her back to bed, though.


Colin, Mona the last ghosts husband, came to visit that night as Freya was just about to crawl back into bed.


Odd place to play with a toy.  Luckily it’s a safe neighborhood… well back to the whole no neighbors thing but you know… nevermind.


Then FINALLY it’s time to age up to children!  Not soon enough I swear.  Jane goes first.



Then William.



Yes, I cheated and controlled them to get a pic.   They’re cuties for sure.


I went back into the game after my exhaustion from the toddlers was over and extended the house a few squares on each side, split the nursery in half and made them each a bedroom.  I think it came out pretty darn good.  I found most of it by going under different categories and searching for pink and blue.  I closed the game before I realized I didn’t write down the house value.  I think it’s at a little over 30k with the upstairs completely bare still.  I’m starting to get worried that I won’t think of enough stuff to put up there and make it look good because the size of the house downstairs keeps increasing.

Chapter 007.2.5

Chapter notes:

I really hope that Jane has a better disposition as a child and teen than she did as a toddler because frankly, I didn’t like her much as a toddler at all.  William was adorable but she was always mad or sad for stupid reasons and was just plain mean to everyone most of the time.  I wanted twins because I thought they’d spend time with each other but these two were rarely in the same room.  I’m a bit disappointed.  Note from the future: Boy this chapter comes out kinda bitchy.  I guess I shouldn’t have written it right after playing it.  Jane really got under my skin, sorry guys.

12 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter II 007.2.4: Too Much Toddlering

      1. True – although it could be an interesting story if the Sim and her watcher were fighting the whole time 🙂
        I am sure Jane will calm down now she’s a child. Maybe she’s had her rebellious phase and it will be smooth sailing from here on out!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. The toddlers are adorable! lol I never had a toddler streaking.
    They grew up into cute kids. Love their bedrooms.

    Sorry that you don’t like Jane much. I had that with Luna, I disliked her and it took a long time before I finally was used to her. She was already married when I finally started to like her.

    Liked by 1 person

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