TS4- Drifter II 007.2.5: Where It All Began

House 007 Part 2 Chapter 5


The close twins that I envisioned when wanting twins so badly just didn’t happen with these two.  It seems like almost every time they interact it ends with negative marks and they’re both usually doing their own thing.


I’ve been playing my legacy family a lot lately and it’s soooo hard when switching back to this one not to make them up their needs!


Damion, the husband from house 003 visited.  He was one of my favorites.


Freya was out collecting when the camera suddenly jerked over here and it turns out her father Ashton was dying!


Oh wow, that was unexpected.  I was just feeling sad that they would all die and I wouldn’t know until a notification popped up and if it wasn’t for MC Command Center I wouldn’t even get the notifications.


Freya was way over on the other side of the neighborhood completely clueless.


When she was done she grabbed her dad’s urn and now he has a little spot in the backyard.  He hasn’t haunted yet but I’m looking forward to it.  I wonder if he’ll haunt less or more with the haunted trait?


Ugh, remember how Aimee came over sick and it got Freya sick?  Now everyone is getting sick and I can’t do anything about it!


The kids like to hang out in the little playground area.  I’m convinced that the game generates kids to play in these areas.


Bernard from Von Haunte… haunted.


This time it’s Jane over here playing in the wee hours of the night.


I didn’t play for a couple of days and when I started up again they had some money so I decided to work on the house a bit first.  The front…


And the back.  It took forever to get the roof to do something that I didn’t hate.  They’re going to have a hot tub and stuff up there!


Out of money, Freya paints.  After taking some time off I’ve gotten over my reservations of her painting after doing so much of it in the last two houses.


What on earth?  The only thing I can think of is it’s the good schools trait?


Jane has it too.  It’s kinda goofy.  I don’t remember how long it lasted.


Levi turned out to be a great dad.  He’s always spending time with the kids.  I’m relieved that Jane doesn’t treat him the way she did as a toddler.


Wade called Levi wanting to visit.  He has high relationships with almost all of the guys that were in the house.


I took yet another break from playing.  I was just having a hard time getting into it I guess.  When I started back up they had quite a bit of money so I did the master bath, the walls, and the floors.  That painting by the bed was by Levi.  He actually painted a masterpiece this day.  It wasn’t worth much but still.


Ugh.  Jane was awake so when this goofy vampire knocked on the door she went out and talked to him.  I wonder if it would be against the rules to make some garlic braids and pass them down from heir to heir?  Even if it is I think I’ll do it anyway.  They just get me in a bad mood for some reason.


Hey William, go talk your sister into doing her homework too!


Freya had an unfinished work task to paint a mural so she headed to the city.


Bender showed up all flirty and talked to her and this other lady for awhile.  I couldn’t figure out why the timer wasn’t ticking off the hours.


Then, duh, I realized that was graffiti and this is the mural!  *sigh*  Half a day wasted for like $70 bucks!


Back home to cook dinner for the kids.


Then it’s time for date night!  Finally, the kids are older and they have money to travel.  They decided to go to the place where it all began.  Levi won the fishing competition in part one and earned himself a solo date with the lovely Freya.  She might have been confused over who she wanted from then on but they spent most of their free time together after that.  I wasn’t all that surprised he won considering the amount of time they spent together and how hot and heavy things got on their last date before the finale.


A little closet woohoo for memories sake.




Then, with another gold date under their belts, they head upstairs for some dancing.  Jeffrey was there and they all chatted.  The guy with the red hair and orange hoodie is Toby’s son.  (The Cortez family from house 005)  I didn’t realize it until later though so I don’t think she met him.  Too bad since both Toby and Griffin are elders now.


I didn’t remember if I got a notification or not.


Then a passionate kiss before heading home to their little family.

Chapter 007.2.6

Chapter notes:

Like I said in the chapter, this was played out on 3 different days over a couple of week’s time period.  I think I just needed a little break from Drifter.  Hopefully, I’m motivated and will be able to finish up this one and move on to 008 soon!

8 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter II 007.2.5: Where It All Began

  1. You can pass stuff on to your heirs as long as they “pay for it”. In other words deduct the value of whatever it is before you buy anything for the new house. I’ve been thinking about passing on garlic braids myself.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did but as you’ll see in later chapters I’ve found them not to be as useful as they were in the random legacy.


    1. The garlic braids kept vamps from even knocking on the door at first in the random legacy save. They’d start walking toward the house then turn around. But it doesn’t seem to deter the ones in drifter at all. I think it has something to do with the level the vampire is.


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