TS4- Drifter II 007.2.6: Playing Cupid

House 007 Part 2 Chapter 6


Yes, children, that’s right.  Get that homework done!  Neither of them had a skill up to 4 at this point anyway but doing the homework can’t hurt right?


Then grandpa Ashton showed up and chatted with Jane.  I made William stop talking to him so it wouldn’t freeze everything.


Awe!  I’m so glad he’s here!


Later, instead of heading to bed William goes to the playground until school starts.


I decided to make good on my idea I had when writing the previous chapter to have her make some garlic braids for the house.


She’s reading the book that’s on the floor of Willam’s bedroom!


She had to buy some very expensive garlic.  I decided to have her plant it on either side of the front door in case that helps as well.


Then later Jeffrey invited them to the Spice Festival.  They all did the Curry Challenge.


When I saw a tomato bush I decided to have her take advantage of some of the plants there.


Then it’s back home to write a book for work.  This job is annoying, one day she’ll have tasks that are finished in a few minutes and other days she’ll have tasks like this that take the entire day.  She never did manage to get this book finished in time.


The next day she had to go to the art gallery and study art.  Thrilling.


When she got back home she planted some of the seeds she’d harvested the night before.  I decided to only plant 5 dragonfruit.  It seems kinda cheaty to me not having to graft to get them.  I mostly wanted the produce for the fridge.


William’s back at the playground.  I swear he’s here more than at home.  He got motor level 4 from playing over here.


When he was waddling back home there was a vamp standing there.  She seemed really uncomfortable so I suppose the plants there worked somewhat.


The area I’m most interested in is the upstairs but it seems silly to have them living like they have no money downstairs while the upstairs looks all fancy so I decided to go ahead and spend everything they had on the kitchen.


Aimee invited them out to breakfast.  I was trying to get a pic of them talking while eating but the just kept nodding their heads and stuff at each other but not talking.  Also, William’s eggs were of poor quality and I had to stop him from eating and throw them away because he kept gagging on them.  Poor kid!


Finally, after they were done they started talking.  Sheesh.


When they were traveling to the park next I noticed Demetrius on the list of sims that can travel with them.  He’s from house 005 and originally I thought that he was Toby’s son but I realized that he’s actually Talon’s son with the repair girl from house 006!  I decided to go ahead and get these two married.  I gave them twin toddlers and randomized their names.  Meet Vincent and Juniper:

vincent juniper


I have no idea why Leroy is still alive!


They all weren’t at the park for very long.  They had just started swimming when it popped up saying that Freya got a promotion at work and I accidently clicked on the go to work thing instead of work at home.  I was mad because this was Sunday and they didn’t get much family time.


Level 6!


They got home and mom left for work so I had nothing to do but watch the rest of the family.  Levi went to sleep on Jane’s bed.


And the kids headed to the park to play and chat with the million other kids.  Sadly, none of them are kids from the other contestants. Jane got her social skill up to 4.


Then grandpa Ashton visited again.  They’ve only had one random ghost since his gravestone was placed here.


She finally learned how to make a garlic braid and harvested enough for one!


Then I spent all of their money again on the living room area.  I’m trying to go with sort of a french country theme with this house… something different ya know?



Then it was time for another date.  They headed to the club I made.  That chick is totally checking Levi out.  Scram lady!


Time to get flirty.  I added the closet.  I don’t think they had them when I built this place.


Then a massage and some other chick checking him out.  What’s the deal?  This club feels kinda cramped to be honest.  I think I might need to either re-build or renovate.


Another gold date.  Time to party!


A little love poetry to end the night.


I was curious about the other contestants so when I was marrying Aimee and Demetrius I checked to see what’s going on with them…


Wade is married with a son and stepdaughter.


Thomas is married with a daughter.


Jeffrey and Nathan are both married with no kids of their own.  The teens are Nathan’s step-kids, his wife is next to him and the redhead is Jeffrey’s wife. Remind you of someone?


Grady is married with a son.


And last but not least we have Bender.  Married but no kids.

Chapter 007.2.7

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