TS4- Drifter II 007.2.8: Soulmate

House 007 Chapter 8


As is my habit I decided to do a little more to the house when I started up the save.  I added a pool and a few trees to the backyard, glass doors to the kid’s rooms leading out there, a hot tub to the parent’s balcony, and landscaped the front yard.


Freya usually writes articles for her daily task but I figured it would be more entertaining to review a performance this time.


In the morning they have a mac’n’cheese breakfast.


Freya notices her hips are becoming quite wide and starts a daily jogging regimen.  It’s hard to believe she was so thin when she aged to teen.


Jane starts helping in the garden in case she decides to have one in her house.


It was Saturday and I wanted them to go do something but Freya had to first practice writing for 3 hours and then write a book!


The family has a late dinner.



It popped up that it was Levi’s birthday so a cake at the restaurant sounded fun.  It was not.  I couldn’t get them all to sit and pay attention.  It was very frustrating and by the time they were done, it was after midnight!


Freya and William watch a movie together in the morning.  Annoyingly, Jane woke up in the middle of the night needing to take a shower and never went back to bed.


Since they didn’t get to do much on Saturday they went to the park the next day.  Jane was the only one who caught a fish.


Freya had to paint for her work task so she did it there.


Meanwhile, the family made their way to the area behind the park to grab some food.  I don’t understand why nobody seems to cook on the grills in the park?  I’ve had my sims cook on them so I know they work.  Jane was absolutely miserable at this point so as soon as Freya’s paintings were done they headed home so she could sleep.


While the family was home taking care of their needs Freya headed to the city to review a performance.  She was not impressed.



A little romantic alone time before bed.


Levi does not seem pleased to have 2 ghosts in the hot tub with him after Freya leaves.  Especially napping Ashton.  Apparently, locked doors don’t deter ghosts.  Interesting.  The ghost on the right is Damion from house 003.  He visits quite often.


First Jane came over here to talk to some kid.  William followed to talk to her.  The kid left and Levi headed over to talk to one of them next.  Geeze.  Go home!


I realized that Jane had no skill close to level 3.


I’ve been trying to think of something else to put upstairs.  I know chess isn’t very romantic but it looks good up there.  While I was at it I replaced one of the dressers with a vanity table.  Now that the kids are teens and the vanity table bug won’t have them putting on makeup every time they sit down somewhere.


Everyone but Jane was in bed when it popped up announcing Freya’s birthday so they had a party of two to celebrate.


Freya had yet another task to write a book so she wrote all night and took a moodlet solver in the morning.


I realized that they still needed the final gold date for the aspiration so they headed to Narwal Arms.  Where they went on their second date in part 1.  She’d gotten so many whims for him that their romance bar was almost full by the end.  I think that was what tipped the scales in his favor and made him the winner.


Ugh.  Why do they have the playful task on there?


Yay!  Now we wait for Jane.


Let’s celebrate for old time’s sake.


Level 8!


Wow, they both headed right to the chess table after school.  Once William quit, Jane was about to stop, so Freya ran up there to play a few games with her.  She’s level 2 now.


I guess the ghosts enjoy the chess table too.  The other ghost is Kelvin from house 003.


The worst part of having 2 ghosts haunt is that they break so much!  Both showers and tubs were broken and the kitchen sink!  She didn’t get done repairing until right before the kids got home from school.


Well, at least it’s Freya and not Levi or we’d have a baby alien on the way.



This is hilarious!  It looks like the rainbow is coming out of his armpits!


Both the kids brought friends home after school.  The guy is just… yuck.  But the girl is pretty.


Freya decides to get to know her better.  Her name is Saya and she’s a foodie and outgoing.

Chapter 007.2.9

Chapter notes:

I fully intended for this chapter to be the last of part 2 but when I looked after taking this pic I had 30 already.  It was either stop here and maybe have a shorter final chapter or chance having one long chapter for the end.  I decided to quit when they were invited to the Spice Festival.  It’s Friday night so they should be able to do some fun stuff before the twins age up sometime Tuesday.  I’ve just got to put the finishing touches on the house and it’ll be done.  I don’t know why I haven’t yet.  They have the money.

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