TS4- Drifter II 008.1: Quest for a Computer

House 008 Chapter 1

It’s finally time to start house 008 with Jane Raines.  But first let’s see the stats…

She somehow managed to get 920 satisfaction points.

She has some fishing and gardening skills at least.

Useless traits.

Not too bad.

Once the collectables started spawning she stopped fishing so she could start looking for some.  She got fairly lucky with a few expensive metals.

She found 2 frogs that when bred gave her a $100 frog!  Later she bred them again and got another $100 frog.

She was quite hungry once she’d finished the collecting rounds and grilled up some hot dogs.  I figure this house is hard enough so I’m going to go ahead and use the inventory food cheat.

She is so not happy with the way things are going.

She collapses onto a nearby bench and sleeps the night away.

In the morning, while making the rounds again collecting, she sees her mom run by.

Feeling a bit more confident after purchasing a tent she decides to join the writer career.  Only after making the call does she realize that it would have made much more sense to save up for a computer instead of spending most of her money on a tent.  She can’t get promoted if she can’t even write!

She decides that it might be a good idea to move someone in that can help with the money.  So she calls her friend from school Saya to see if she’s gotten a job yet.

She has!  Time to make friends.

After a bit of cloudgazing, Saya moves in.

Wow!  She was busy in the last few days.

To work on the Freelance Botanist aspiration for some satisfaction points Jane plants what she’s found so far.

Then the two go to the nearby fishing spot for most of the day.  Jane feels better now that she’s not alone.

Now, that was a surprise!

Jane heads home to plant a few more things including the cow plant berry that sells for quite a bit of money as a seedling.

In anticipation of getting a computer soon she had spent money on a table and chair.  Maybe not the best choice considering that she’ll need to work today.  She’s so filthy she can’t sleep.

Since there will be toddlers in the house quite soon it doesn’t make sense to buy a shower.  After buying a tub there’s not much money left to go towards a computer but she enjoys a hot bath.

Saya wakes up just as she’s finishing the bath and they have some late night hot dogs.

Saya had to pee really bad.  I thought that she’d go over to the park and use the toilet there but she didn’t.  She stood there and peed herself then hopped into the tub making Jane go off the lot.

Jane kept heading back to the tent to sleep and repeatedly became shocked that Saya was bathing.

After Jane left for work Saya grilled up some hamburgers for herself.

Then she spent pretty much the entire day playing chess.

Jane came home from work absolutely miserable from lack of sleep and not having fun at work.  She was not pleased with the waste of money grilling hamburgers.

Despite needing a computer she decided it was more important to have some sort of a bathroom.  Obviously, Saya wouldn’t use the park toilet and they couldn’t keep getting sent off the lot when someone needed to use the toilet or tub.  She doesn’t work again for 3 days so this purchase made the most sense.

Then, despite being miserable, she heads around the neighborhood doing more collecting to try to earn the money back she keeps spending on other necessities before the much-needed computer.

The plants in the nearby garden area have all bloomed and she gets quite a bit from selling them.

She has finally bought a computer but it’s late and she’s hungry and extremely tired so she won’t get to use it yet.

Saya shows up and complains about her problems making Jane feel even worse.

In the end, it’s just too much for her and she collapses on the ground.  She’s worked so hard the last few days to get the few things they have that her body can’t do anything more.  Hopefully, Saya will take the hint and be a bit nicer from here on out.

Chapter 008.2

Chapter notes:

This chapter is 3 days.  I forgot to write down the non-house value before I started playing again.

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  1. Hi! I love your posts so much, especially the random legacy challenge! I’d really love it if you maybe did the Disney Princess challenge (only if you wanted of course 😊) thanks xx

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