TS4- Drifter II 008.2: Landing a Boyfriend

House 008 Chapter 2

I don’t think that Saya is very pleased with her decision to move in with her friend Jane.

After sleeping most of the day Jane wakes up and her fun need is so low she had to spend most of the rest of the day playing blickblock instead of working on her writing skill!

Saya had work that day and when she got home Jane had just started in on the garden.


Finally, after the sun had gone down and it was almost time to go back to sleep, Jane started her first book.

Saya grilled more hot dogs.

Out of frustration over the waste of food a very cheap fridge is purchased.

Saya keeps Jane company as she works on another book.

Finally, she’s able to publish the two she’s written.

While she was finishing a third book Saya headed over to the park and Jane went to say hello to her parents who were there too. As she was talking to her mom I noticed she had that bro moodlet and looked to see who was around.  This guy Jeffrey was the only one so she called him over to meet him.  Sure enough, he’s a bro too.

And he’s a doctor!

The two get along great.  Spending time with her parents is forgotten.

Instead of making the rounds of the neighborhood collecting she makes friends with Jeffrey and invites him to move in.  Which is kind of odd seeing as how there’s no house.  He’s a bit older than her and Saya.

Sorry Rieko.

Trying to make up for her rudeness earlier, Jane asks her dad and twin brother William to help in the garden.

Then Jeffrey comes over and William introduces himself.  Jane seems a bit embarrassed over her brother’s goofy antics.

While everyone is chatting Saya makes herself at home on a park bench.  I guess they don’t have to worry about everyone fighting over who will sleep in the tent.

Jane takes advantage of the alone time to flirt a bit with Jeffrey.  He seems very interested.

A quick first kiss…

…and a bit of woohoo.  Next thing ya know Jane has herself a boyfriend!  Talk about a whirlwind romance.  All she’d planned for the day was writing and collecting.

Saya woke up and instead of taking a plate of some of the food laying everywhere she cooks more.  Such a waste.

In the morning, Jane and Jeffrey both headed to work leaving Saya to her own devices.

She spent a couple of hours chatting with the Grim Reaper.

Then she saw a friend waaaaay away from the lot and ran to talk to him.

Oops.  That was a bit fast.

Time to adopt baby #1!  (I couldn’t decide so I did a random number generator 1-4 and got 4.)

Jane returns home from the adoption agency throwing confetti into the air.

Then she cuddles her new little boy Zane.

Zane is named after Zane Garrett from the Cut & Run book series

After Jeffrey gets home bringing in a similar paycheck to Saya’s they’re able to build a little shelter so baby Zane doesn’t have to sleep outside.

Not bad for less than 5 days!

While all of this is going on Saya has been napping in the garden area across the street from the house.  What on earth will she think when she returns home?

Chapter 008.3

4 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter II 008.2: Landing a Boyfriend

  1. I’m using the same method to decide which baby to adopt. I just can’t choose lol
    Congrats on landing a boyfriend!!
    And welcome baby Zane!!
    I like that the house is starting to get shape now.

    Liked by 2 people

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