TS4- Drifter II 008.3: Here We Grow

House 008 Chapter 3

Ah, the joys of parenthood.

If you remember from the last chapter Saya had ran after a friend and ended up sleeping on a bench way away from the house.  She finally woke up and dragged herself home.  Her needs were terrible.

In the morning Jane and Jeffrey go to the back of the house for some alone time.

Awe so cute!

Ugh that garden.  She barely has time to water it let alone harvest or graft the plants.

I waited until the morning to have her age up Zane.  Everyone was so exhausted.  Isn’t he adorable?

I added to the house so that he’d have his own room.  This is the way I built houses before drifter.  Made me laugh.  I know I’ve gotta build an actual house soon but I’m not feeling up to it.

For some reason Jeffrey couldn’t feed Zane with the table turned the other way so I had to move it.  Hopefully, they won’t drive me nuts with the high chair because it’s nice to have.

After eating, Zane asks daddy to help with basic needs flash cards.

Even though she has her own bed now Saya headed over to the park to sleep on the bench.

Then she grilled burgers.  I cheated and had her put them in her inventory.  I’m sick of sending Jane over there to do it.

Time for potty!

Nobody was near for him to ask to go up so Jane had to wake up and take him out.

Poor Jeffrey didn’t have time to pee before work.

Chatting with mommy while she writes.

All she needs is level 4 to get promoted!

Darned garden.  Really need to get free services.

Late night bath.

At least I can control him to give him food if he gets hungry when everyone’s sleeping.

Learning blocks with dad.

Yummy applesauce!

Welcome to the family Gin Raines!

She is named after Gin Blanco in the Elemental Assassin book series!

Zane gets double the block help while mommy takes care of baby Gin.

Zane goes in to meet his new sister.

Oh no!

Jane goes to work and then the others go to work a few hours later but I just don’t trust these two to take care of Gin.

Nanny Woo to the rescue!

Since the baby was fine she cooked.  How nice.

Then daddy headed to work and she helped Zane with blocks.

Yay!  So much easier having a sim around that knows how to care for babies.

I noticed that Jane almost had enough points for free services so I had her work on the Freelance Botanist aspiration to get the final points needed.

Then it was time to age up little Gin.  Wow, I wasn’t expecting that pretty mocha skin color!  She is so cute.

Chapter notes:

At some point, while playing out this chapter I realized that I hadn’t rolled the house traits yet.  Wow, did I get good ones!

This chapter is (I think?) 5 days.  House value $17,560 with $8,812 in reserve.  I still have to look through houses and decide what I want to build but since walls don’t depreciate I figured it’s no big deal to build the goofy thing I made for now.  Money surely isn’t going to be a problem with both Jeffrey and Saya’s jobs making like $2,000 each time they work.

Note from the future:  It’s been almost a year-and-a-half at the time that I’m writing this and I’ve given up hope that I’ll get interested in continuing this from this point.  I just couldn’t think of how to build the house and then I took a break from Sims for a few months and every time I tried playing it again it didn’t hold my interest.  As per usual, I’ve started again.  Instead of calling this one Drifter III, I’ve called it Drifter Reboot.  I used both family lines from Drifter I and II to start the new one.  So, the son of Jane and Jeffrey is the father of the new founder.  If you’re interested…

Rebuilding & Merging Two Drifter Family Lines

Drifter Reboot Chapter Index

8 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter II 008.3: Here We Grow

  1. Oh no! I’m all caught up now!
    Those kids are adorable! I wouldn’t have thought of moving someone in to help with money, which you think I would after House 006. Then again, it looks like she spends a lot of time cooking!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The first time I did the drifter challenge I moved helpers in almost every house. This time I’ve only done it in this one and 006 like you said.

      Liked by 1 person

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