TS4- The Room Ch 2: The Teen Years

Chapter 2

My best friend Skelly.
The first meal I didn’t burn.
I love making up stories for my books.
Why does this toy make me sad?
That man always wants more and more books!
Oh great the computer is broken!
Guess I’d better learn to fix it.
Sometimes when I’m lonely I talk to myself in the mirror.
I try swimming a little bit every day for exercise.
Now that was a great book!
Everything keeps breaking!
Sometimes I get tired of writing books and get angry.
A reward?
Not really sure how to dance.
It’s nice to listen to the music while I write.
Another reward!
I planted a little grape seed.
“Do you think the grape will grow big Skelly?”
If it isn’t broken it’s dirty.
So this is what it feels like to be sick.
“One day one of those boats is going to take us away from here Skelly.”
Don’t be jealous Skelly.
The grape seed grew!
“Do you think anyone’s waiting for us somewhere Skelly?”
The darned computer is always breaking!
My birthday already?
I wish I wasn’t alone.


Score so far:

Starting points 100

10 days ( the first day doesn’t count) -10 points

3 levels Bestselling Author +15 points

maxed writing skill +10 points


Total 115 points

Chapter 3

Chapter notes:

I’ve never used captions before but wasn’t sure how else to do this chapter.  This is kind of like the highlights of Andre’s days either in good ways or bad.  The man’s original plan to have his slave not remember his previous life was a good one.  Most of the time Andre doesn’t even think about leaving.  He enjoys writing his stories and looks forward to the little rewards that are left with the groceries while he’s sleeping.

At this point, I haven’t transferred any money over to the man.  There is now $10,743 in reserve.  On his birthday Andre earned $3,514 in book royalties.  If you’re confused about the number of days that Andre was a teen it’s because I have the ages changed with a mod.

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