TS4- The Room Ch 4: Many Rewards!

Chapter 4

I enjoy painting almost as much as writing stories.
Maybe I like writing so much because Skelly keeps me company.
A reward? Guitar!
“Cover your ears, Skelly. I’m not very good yet.”
I decided to try to learn more about programming computers.
Then I got distracted by blicblock.
I’m a very good dancer… I think.
I’m also getting to be a good cook. The man leaves me different ingredients to test out.
Sometimes I wonder did I draw that house because I remembered one or is it this room?
Wow! Lots of rewards!
“Do you think you can win, Skelly?”
The best of the rewards are all the books! I especially enjoy the romances.
One of the books was for upgrading things.
I’m getting pretty good fixing things too.
This reward I asked for because I wanted to learn to build things.
“I think you look like a dragon.”
My new sculptures look so cool up there!
Even with the new rewards I still enjoy painting. It’s relaxing and I like all the colors.
“Skelly, I’m not going to let you win this time.”
“Okay, you won chess but look at what I can play on the guitar now.”


Chapter 5

Chapter notes:

It’s really hard to come up with screenshots for this challenge.  Andre does pretty much the same stuff every day.  Writes books, paints, plays guitar, swims, cares for his plants and of course talks to Skelly constantly between all of that.  He also trolls teh forums sometimes but it doesn’t get social up very fast so I only have him doing it to get his mischief skill up.  After this, I’m thinking it will get harder because he only has 2 more aspirations left that he can work on.  I also need to start planning the mansion.  He now has $139,724 in reserve with some masterpieces in his inventory and earns over $7,000 a day in book royalties.  I forgot to mention in the last chapter that when he aged to YA I changed the aging to long.  I added up how long the challenge took me last time and it was 53 days and I realized on normal he’d be pretty old by the time he finally got out.

Score so far:

Previous score 122

Days -9

Successful Lineage lvl 1 +5

Big Happy Family lvl 1 +5

Computer Whiz 1 & 2 +10

Master Chef lvl 1 +5

Renaissance Sim lvl 1 +5

Nerd Brain 1 & 2 +10

Max painting skill +10


Total: 163

8 thoughts on “TS4- The Room Ch 4: Many Rewards!

    1. Thanks! I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. The first time I did it I tried to do it in as few days as possible and it wasn’t nearly as fun.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. When his whole world is that room, the screenshots work perfectly to tell the story. Even a small rotation in angle makes​ it look differently.

    I’m glad you changed the days of this age phase, it makes the story even better.

    I wonder what he thinks of the man. How often do they talk? There must be some communication if he requested the woodworking table.

    Liked by 1 person

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