TS4- The Room Ch. 5: Musical Soul

Chapter 5

Wow, that’s a lot of rewards! Many plant pots and seeds.
Better get to planting!
…and watering!
I wrote a book about plants while I was at it.
Painting is fun but I haven’t done much lately.
“What should I do next Skelly?”
Guess I’ll play the guitar. I want to write some songs.
It’s nice to have so much fresh fruit to cook with.
Gotta stay in good shape.
This thing breaks all of the time.
My little plants keep getting better and better.
I decided to take a break from writing songs to craft a bit.
I wonder if I’ll ever have a great romance?
Everything seems to be breaking!
Finally, I finished a song.
Time to spray for bugs.
“Well, Skelly, I’ve written a bunch of songs. What should I do next?”


Score so far:

Previous score 163

Days -13

Musical Genius 3 levels +15

Fabulously Wealthy 4 levels +20

Freelance Botanist 1 level +5

Max guitar skill +10

Max mischief skill +10


Total = 210

Chapter 6

Chapter notes:

Andre now has $215,600 plus a few masterpieces in reserve.  I know I need to start up on the mansion but I wanted to complete Fabulously Wealthy before I took any of his money away.  I also haven’t started planning out the mansion either so that will need to be done first as well.  He’s been working on the mischief skill via troll teh forums bit by bit since the start.  I just haven’t had him mention it because story-wise he has no internet so no social outlet other than Skelly.  The only aspiration other than Mansion Baron that is left is Freelance Botanist.  This gives him a lot more time to work on earning money.  This last playthrough he barely made any and his book royalty payments went down $3,000 a day because he wasn’t writing much so he could write 4 freaking songs.  That’s why there aren’t many pics for this chapter.  He really didn’t do much for those 13 days except write songs, a few books and paint a bit.  I want to try to complete the challenge part of this before the new game pack is released so that I can play with it with Andre’s future family.  The first time I did this challenge I stopped playing as soon as the mansion was built but this time I plan to play out Andre’s life outside of the room.

8 thoughts on “TS4- The Room Ch. 5: Musical Soul

    1. Thanks! I’m looking forward to it. I love Andre and can’t stand the thought of leaving him hanging when he finally escapes his prison!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. It works for the story for him to have different things he focuses on. Having his royalties go down because he was writing music makes sense.

    I love how these challenges flow one into the other. I’m really looking forward to his life outside the room. I can see him gifting Skelly to his firstborn to continue the great friendship.

    Liked by 1 person

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