TS4- The Room Ch. 6: Rescue!

Chapter 6

Yes, you read the title correctly.  Our Andre will be rescued today.  But before we get to the excitement let’s see what he did on his last days…

A lot of gardening…





And last but not least, a lot of loving his best friend Skelly…

I know, I know.  You’re on pins and needles right?  Gotta know what happened and how Andre was sprung from his prison.  Well, it all started with the Spencer-Kim-Lewis family visiting the city.  You may remember that it was young Olivia who saw Andre being kidnapped all those years ago:

Olivia and her family were just having some early morning coffees after arriving in the city.  Olivia was talking to her friend Wolfgang and her father when she saw the man!  She was so shocked!  She told them she’s sure that’s him and her father ran to find a police officer.

Officers Burkey and Turner didn’t really believe Oliva but after the family insisted they said they would question the man.

They cornered him in the art gallery and told him they were taking him in for questioning for the disappearance of Andre Reyes.

The man plead innocent at first.

After hours of questioning, he began to cave.

Finally, he became angry and told the officers everything.  Needless to say, they were shocked and horrified.

Officer Burkey was so incensed that she almost hit the man.  Luckily her partner officer Turner redirected her energy reminding her that it was better spent finding Andre.

Both of the officers had hoped in a way that the story the man told wasn’t true.  But as they approached the small building and heard music coming from inside their shoulders drooped with the knowledge that they would likely find Andre here.

The young man was outside painting when they rounded the house.  He didn’t seem as happy as they expected him to be to see them.

While officer Burkey searched for a way to get Andre out officer Turner questioned him.

Although he’d heard everything already from the man it was still shocking to hear it all confirmed.

When officer Burkey found that the mailbox slid to the side so that Andre could escape he almost broke down.  All of these years and he’d never once tried to get out of this prison.  He’d looked around and saw only island.  He remembered the man telling him when he was a child that there was nowhere he could go and nobody looking for him.

Most depressing of all was when the officers took him to the other side of the island.  There stood a mansion that they told him the man had built using the money he’d earned by selling all of Andre’s books, paintings, and songs.  Everything he’d done in his life had been for this gigantic house.  Andre couldn’t imagine.  All the empty space felt like it was closing in on him.  The officers assured him that once they talked to lawyers that this house would be his.  He decided to try to find a small space to hide in for a bit and asked them to bring him some things from his little room.  They agreed and said they would be contacting his family as well.  Family?



Final Score:

Previous score 210

Days -6

Max cooking +10

Freelance Botanist 2 levels +10

Mansion Baron 4 levels +20


Total = 244

Chapter 7

Chapter notes:

Andre was in the room for a total of 46 sim days starting when he aged to teen.  The first time I did the challenge it took 53 days and my score was 217.  I’m quite proud that I not only did it quicker but managed to get such a higher score this time around.  I considered waiting longer and maxing out more skills but the monotony of everything was getting to me.  I’d originally planned to build the mansion but in the end, I just couldn’t come up with anything that I liked and downloaded one from the gallery instead.  I made a few modifications to take the price down and added 2 columns to get the required number for the aspiration.  The mansion is Modern Island Mega Villa by Imepot.  The police station in the pictures is Police Station GTW by Zita1966.  The officers are Police Officer Couple by nszeplaky.  

I hope you’re all looking forward to seeing how Andre adapts to his freedom!

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