TS4- The Room Ch. 7: Adjusting

Chapter 7

The officers made good on their promises.  They brought the things that Andre asked for from his little hut.  The lawyers got a judge to immediately grant the mansion and all of it’s contents to Andre.  His family was contacted and though they were very eager to see him he asked them to give him some time.  In those early months since his release not much changed for Andre other than the huge space he now had to live in.

He’d had his plants brought over and tended them every day just like before.  All of it was very overwhelming to him.

He’d placed some keepsakes in his new bedroom to remember his previous life.  He spent a lot of time looking at them trying to find comfort in something familiar.

Unfortunately, he went through a pretty bad depression for awhile there which is to be expected.  Finally, he couldn’t put off his family any longer.  He decided he has to get himself together if he’s ever to have a real life.

A few days later his mother, father, and elder sister arrived at the door.

They were all very excited to see him and he could tell the resemblance from his own face in the mirror just looking at them all.  It made him feel more comfortable and at ease.

They sat for hours talking and Andre filled them in on his life while they told him about theirs.  It was surreal, to say the least.

They were all impressed with Andre’s culinary skills.  Though he had yet to venture outside of the mansion he’d had groceries delivered from the first day thanks to his family.

With the tough conversations over it was nice to just chat together.

With others to accompany him, Andre decided to confront where it all began.  He returned the toy he’d been holding onto all of these years to the sandbox and had a few minutes to breakdown before he collected himself and took a look around at more of the outside world.

Surprisingly to everyone, Andre adjusted to being around others immediately.  If anything he was so starved for human contact that he craved being around other sims.

When he mentioned this to his sister that night she took him out to a club to dance.  He’d always loved dancing and music.  This was even better because there were others to dance and talk with.

He met a girl named Billie that he thought he might like to get to know better but he wasn’t too certain.

He spent a day at the museum just looking at all of the art and getting ideas for his own paintings.

He showed off his plants to his family.

He had an easel delivered so that he could paint.  He decided to put it outside since that’s what he’s used to.

The family introduced him to the magic of the television and although he enjoyed it didn’t keep his interest for very long.

As an attempt to connect with her brother Sandra asked him for some guitar lessons.

Soon their parents joined them and were excited to see how happy Andre was.

Sandra took Andre to a dance party that she was invited to.  At first, he spent most of his time out front chatting.

A girl he’d just met named Yuki introduced him to her good friend Sofia.  Yuki was soon to have a baby although she and the father Alexander weren’t married.  Andre later learned that Alexander was married to another woman shortly after breaking up with poor Yuki.

Surrounded by pretty girls, Andre was in heaven.

Billie ended up taking a nap and Sofia took advantage of the alone time to flirt with Andre.  He thought they were both very pretty.

He realized then that he could have all of the things he’d dreamed about most of his life.  A home, family, wife and children.  Now just to choose a wife to get things started!


For your entertainment, this was his formalwear!

Chapter 8

Chapter notes:

Originally I had planned to do a whole chapter with Andre adjusting to his new life and being depressed and overwhelmed with everything.  But I changed my mind and decided to do it this way instead.  As to the wife options, there aren’t many at all.  Looking through manage worlds I only found 5 total.  I think Billie and Sofia are the only ones close to his age.  For now, I’m keeping the aging on long.  I’ll change it once he gets settled.  He had almost 8,000 satisfaction points so I ended up buying him a bunch more traits. He has several aspirations that are close to being completed and the temptation was too high not to work on them a bit.  I haven’t decided what to have him do as a career or if he’ll just be a stay at home dad.  I’m waiting on pins and needles for him to get the first bills.  Hopefully, the book income and some paintings will be enough.  Near the end of his stay in “the room” I’d turned the settings up on MC Command Center and a bunch of sims were married, got pregnant or both.  You’ll notice the pregnant ladies a lot in the next chapter.  The weird thing is that they all should have been farther along by now.  Before this, there was only one birth the whole time he was in there.  I hadn’t thought much about taking the pre-mades out of the game because I didn’t plan to play him past the challenge but I decided to keep them.

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