TS4- The Room: Ch 9. Becoming a Family

Chapter 9

For Andre being reunited with his family, meeting Sofia and falling in love, and then becoming part of her family as well made him feel like the luckiest man on earth… 

We invited our families over for dinner after getting engaged.
Everyone was thrilled when we announced the engagement.
Everyone was eager to watch us tie the knot.
Isn’t she beautiful?

The fireworks were incredible.

I had to sneak into the kitchen and make the cake myself. For some odd reason, the caterer just kept making yogurt over and over!
I got a pep talk from my new father-in-law.
Time to say goodbye. The family is moving back to their own home now.
“Hurry up honey!”

I was so excited that we were expecting a baby so quickly.
Sofia is already really good at the guitar so I was just encouraging her some.
My poor girl is miserable. This pregnancy hasn’t been easy on her.
We decided to have a little baby shower and invite the family so they could get all their belly rubs out of their system.

I was calm as a cucumber but Sofia was scared to death!
I wasn’t so calm anymore when I realized it was a vampire doctor delivering our baby!
Luckily everything went fine and we welcomed Tristian Reyes to the family.
“He looks just like me!”
“Look ma, doesn’t he look just like me?”
“Skelly, it’s your job to take care of Tristan for us now.”


I almost freaked out when they got home from the hospital.  This little girl was standing there and I thought some glitch had aged the baby to a child!  Turns out she’s the adopted daughter of Penny Pizzazz and Zoe Patel.  Whew!  Though, I have no idea why she was standing there… kinda odd.

Chapter 10

Chapter notes:

No more of the Reyes family until I get the Parenthood game pack.  Hopefully, I’ll get it the day it comes out.  I am so excited about it! At first, I’d done this chapter with no words but I didn’t like it and decided to do it from Andre’s point of view instead.

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