TS4- Whim Challenge 3.6: Parenting Whims

Gen 3 Chapter 6

After a very long break from the Whim Challenge, I’ve decided to revisit the Yin family.  I used Tate and Blake from gen 2 as my submission for Sims Pride 2017 and while looking for a good picture of them to use I realized that a lot of the chapters didn’t have links to the next chapter.  While fixing that I got engrossed in re-reading their story and really wanted to play with this family again. So here they are… this is pretty much my first look into the Parenting Game Pack as well.

Here’s Colin’s updated bedroom.  I did all of this and took the pics before I stopped playing the family 5 months ago.

It’s not just me that misses Tate and Blake.  Although only Tate’s urn is on display.

Uncle Brody and Aunt Rae visit from next door and mourn as well.  These are also old pics.  Since this Deaderpool updated MCCC so that you can set it to stop the constant autonomous mourning.

Phoenix joined the entertainment career so she’d have something to do and I guess there was no room in the apartment so she went down to the street to practice guitar.

While getting myself reacquainted with the family I realized it was Khloe’s birthday the next day and that she’d almost completed her aspiration.

But then there was noise from their aunt and uncle’s apartment and Khloe started using forbidden words!  It was hilarious.

Their parents were working so it was up to Colin to pound on the door.

Awkward.  At least she didn’t give him the line about how he should go to the lounge and find his own fun.  Both the kids have terrible relationships with their aunt and uncle because of this.

After Colin returned to their apartment grandpa Tate visited.

Khloe finished her required drawings then played the violin (making their uncle mad) until completing the aspiration.

Grandpa hung out with Colin until he went to sleep.

Then he went downstairs to play with the new light up toy thing.

In the morning, it was Khloe’s birthday.

I was surprised when she rolled the new aspiration.

She turned out quite cute.  I’m going to try to give them “teen” outfits from now on and then change their look when they age to YA.

Time to set a curfew!  I need to add this to the rules page… unless of course there’s a whim for it.

Khloe’s room gets a makeover and I wanted to check out the diary before she slept.  None of them except Phoenix got much sleep the night before.

The money to hire a caterer was totally wasted.  Also, she’s the only one that’s touched the block table.

Colin had a whim to play with the doctor set.  I think he got empathy from it.

See?  They have terrible relationships because of the apartment noise.

More quality time with the caterer.

After most of them slept for a good part of the day they had dinner together.

I found this activity pretty cool even if it was a rabbit hole.  I forgot to write down what character values she lost and gained from this one.

I have no idea what she was doing.  She was watching tv after they got home from volunteering and all of the sudden she got up and it said “cleaning” and it looked like she was supposed to be cleaning the desk.  She seemed really unhappy about it.

This was neat.  She wanted to put a picture on this thing.  But there doesn’t seem to be a whim to look at it or do it autonomously so I’ll have to remember to direct Khloe to look at it.

I was thrilled she got the whim for handiness skill because that means I can direct her to repair stuff instead of having to replace everything that breaks.  They really don’t have much money.

Khloe had a whim to apologize to Brody but it didn’t give her an option so they all just stood in the lobby and chatted.

The garbage shoot broke and the landlord came to fix it and never left.  The kids finally got whims to do their homework which was nice.

Colin wanted to win a multi-player game and I thought it might help his relationship with his uncle.  Also, at the end of the night when everyone was going to bed they finally had to ask the landlord to leave.  Sheesh.

I didn’t realize I’d left Vlad in this save.

Lamar snoozes on as his poor wife gets assaulted.

Chapter 3.7

Chapter notes:

It’s funny how after such a long break from this family I fell right back into playing them.  I really enjoy the whim-based play style.  I even got over my animosity towards Phoenix and Lamar since then so maybe it’s good that they went on the back burner for a while. I’m taking notes as I go along of any changes I think need to be made to the rules.  So far there hasn’t been a ton of parenting whims but we’ll see if there’s more in the future.

14 thoughts on “TS4- Whim Challenge 3.6: Parenting Whims

    1. I swear it was like I’d never stopped playing those 5 or so months! I’m having so much fun with them and I’m glad I took a break because the parents were driving me nuts before.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading! I’m glad you’re enjoying my stories. The Whim Challenge rules are based off of the TS3 Wishacy and the TS4 Whims and Sims challenges. I’ve got the rules here on my blog. If you have questions let me know. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. haha I wondered! It is fun. Trying to manipulate the sim to get the whims you want or just sitting back and watching them do stuff. It’s a different way of playing.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. A lot of it I do with the aspirations. Traits are a big thing in this challenge too because there are traits that get terrible whims. Plus, emotions are big so if they’re in a certain mood they should get the whims you’re hoping for eventually.

          Liked by 1 person

  1. This was a fun chapter. I feel like I get to know this family in a different way because you play their whims. There are some whims all Sims get, but mostly the so different based on traits, aspirations, and relationships.

    I’m looking forward to seeing more of them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading. Yes, there’s tons of variables that determine what whims they get and I find it a lot of fun trying to manipulate them to get the ones I want.


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