TS4- Whim Challenge 3.7: Mood Swings and Phases

Gen 3 Chapter 7

Once again Colin wants to insult poor Uncle Brody because they have a poor relationship.  He lost empathy with this one.

I set the tone for school to meet friends and Khloe met this guy but soon after he seemed to have aged to young adult which is weird because I thought he was from a group of teens from the gallery.  Anyway, he went with them to the Spice Festival.

Nobody won the curry contest.


First mood swing.  +50 holy cow!

I think this girl was game generated.  She also aged to young adult right after this.

Grandpa Tate comes to visit and plays with the blocks.  So now it’s him and the caterer, nobody in the household has touched it and no whims for it either.

Really?  He was just here like 2 days ago!


These two get along so well.

He wanted to meet someone new so he went down to the street and then started making a mess.

Family moment.

Aunt Rae invited them out.  Never seen this one before.

Oddly, shortly after arriving the outing ended and Rae disappeared for awhile then showed up again.  Nobody got any really exciting whims so they were there pretty much autonomously.

Awe, more sibling love.

Don’t do it!

Did ya really think you could hide a big sign?

This is one of my only attempts to complete Colin’s Whiz Kid aspiration.  I just kept forgetting about it.

While dad and mom sleep completely unaware.

Feeling tense and checking the board.

Colin gets those whims to win a match pretty much daily.

Both kids got energized from the game and Khloe decided to go upstairs and run her little heart out.

She was listening to New Age while running and then got focused and wanted to do a mathematical diagram.

While visiting Uncle Brody cleans up Colin’s mess.

Colin got sick but luckily got the whim almost immediately for medicine.  Nobody else got sick.

Someone’s not happy!  Geeze Uncle Brody, you were just next door a few minutes ago!

Both kids suffering from their phases.

The Humor and Hijinks Festival.  Nobody joined, they just hung out for a bit.

Every time I let him out of my sight!

Look in the background!  There he is again!  Meanwhile, sister does her homework.  I wanted to see what happens if they stayed after curfew.  This time I didn’t notice anything except a warning text from their mom but the next time I noticed a minus in responsibility.

He played like 3 matches and kept losing.

Calming down in the mirror.

Both parents work most nights so it’s just the kids.  Khloe checked on Colin before heading to bed herself.

So, this board doesn’t have all that much of a function but I still really like it.  They autonomously post notes and drawings and they also autonomously go look at it all the time too.  Just another little touch to their day.  They do also get occasional whims for it.

Poor Khloe was miserable.  She’d exercised the day before to get a skill up for school and was sore and had a torn muscle or something.  She did manage to get her A and so did Colin.  I set out one of their school projects but nobody has approached it and there have been no whims for it.  I may need to add something to the rules since it kinda sucks not being able to do anything with them.

Chapter 3.8

Chapter notes:

I have to decide if Khloe or Colin is going to be the heir.  Khloe’s birthday is 3 days away and Colin’s is 1.  For some reason I’m not feeling the urge I normally do when one of the kids is a teen to start trying to hook them up with another teen.  I did add some teens from the gallery but haven’t made any real effort to meet any of them yet.  If you’re wondering who’s been added:

Cute Teen Guy Collection by PonderSims and Teen Besties by hazelsurtees

4 thoughts on “TS4- Whim Challenge 3.7: Mood Swings and Phases

  1. I haven’t had a bunch of time to really explore the Parenthood pack because of where my Sims are in their lives right now, do your teaching me some new things.

    It’s too bad they don’t start the school projects autonomously, they’re really cool.

    I can’t wait to see which kid you choose for heir.

    Liked by 1 person

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