TS4- Whim Challenge 4.1: Enemies and Romantic Interests

Gen 4 Chapter 1

Lamar has a fairly high painting skill from autonomous painting but it’s kinda annoying when Khloe has a painting whim and he’s already there.  The money is nice though.

Colin served dinner and they all came running.  It’s funny because they barely ever eat together.

Already neighbor noise on the first night.  This made me realize I need to move her aunt and uncle from the old apartment building.

Grandpa Tate visits while everyone is sleeping.

In the morning the welcome wagon showed up.  If you remember the guy was a romantic interest of Phoenix’s for awhile… they kept flirting with each other but Lamar was sleeping so he didn’t catch her.

Whim to paint a mural.  Spent awhile looking around to see if there’s anyone interesting but ended up just taking her back home.

Her first masterpiece.  I thought it was cute and would go good in a kids room so I saved it.

They left the apartment and walked over by the elevator to kiss.  I guess they wanted privacy?

Colin brought home another project.  This hallway has nothing in it so I stuck it there.  I originally planned to put plants there but I still haven’t decided what to do about the harvesting issue.


I figured she could do one of her whimmed paintings out and about so I could look around at the sims.

Then she went to Geekcon with her parents.  She walked over and started messing with this thing.  It was weird.

Then people started walking up to her and talking and it was even weirder.  She was there a long time and went back again later.

Finally, she left the box thing.

She got something to eat and talked to a few sims but had no whims for the event.  Later, she went into the bar and had a drink.

Another autonomous argument with Colin.  I don’t understand it.  They never fought until she aged up.

She wanted to propose a crazy scheme to someone so I sent her downstairs so I could find someone new.  While I looked she had a cupcake.

That’s when she met shirtless dude err I mean Justin.  No, not Bieber… Benson.  I assume he’s one of the guys I moved in from the gallery when she aged to teen.  He’s got really good traits.

Finally, someone to give an apartment key to.  That whim comes up way too often.

That whim is so helpful and almost always pops up when confident.  Now they’re romantic interests.

Cuteness alert!  While looking around I saw these two cuties getting cupcakes.  Their dinners are totally ruined.

I saw this hottie but he must have been one of those weird walk-bys that you can’t get to stop and talk.  She needed to meet someone new but couldn’t introduce herself to him.  She ended up talking to some evil lady instead.

Finally remembered to move Rae and Brody next door.

Tate came to visit and chatted with Phoenix for awhile.  She never changed from her pjs this day.

Lamar was really mad about something and posted notes on the board and started cussing.  It was hilarious.

Khloe played the radio and the tv until someone came pounding on the door.  Aunt Rae prepare yourself to be an enemy!

A little arguing.

Some shoving and then a fight and now they’re enemies.  Which is kinda sad since they’re related.  I hope she’ll get a whim to make up or something.  Maybe I’ll use a make a friend whim on aunt Rae but that’ll be a lot of work.

She had a whim to drink nectar but there was nobody at the lounge.

She had another whim to view art so she went to the arts center.  She needed to meet someone and saw this guy Rowan there. He’s cute but Justin has better traits.

She had a whim to send a happy text and Justin invited her to the park.  They talked a few minutes then…

…she abandoned the poor guy to clean up after some kid.  Tune in next chapter to see if Khloe ignores Justin some more and if she patches things up with aunt Rae!

Chapter 4.2

Chapter notes:

Just a quick note to say that I revised some of the challenge rules.  You can view them here.

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