TS4- Whim Challenge 4.2: The Shirtless Not-Bieber

Gen 4 Chapter 2

When we last left off Khloe and shirtless not-Bieber were at the park.  While she’s cleaning up some kid’s mess some teenage girl is trying to get his attention.  Get over there Khloe!  She had just a bunch of goofy whims that I couldn’t do anything about there at the park so was totally autonomous.

She did get a whim to make a friend and that’s when she met Aadhya.  While they chat and become friends Justin cloud gazes.  Oh well.  After awhile he got up and went jogging and never came back so she went home to bed.

Apparently, they set the table autonomously.  Nice to know but I wish I could change the color of the mats.

It seems that Colin doesn’t just argue with his sister.  He was arguing with his mom and then later when they were at the flea market he got into a fight with someone but I didn’t realize it until later.  He was dazed from losing the fight.  I assume this must be a new feature of the hot-headed trait or the conflict resolution character value or maybe both?  Note from the future: I also wonder if this was a phase he was going through.  Later, as a young adult he never fights with anyone like this.

Khloe went downstairs to chat with someone or something and got stuck like this.  I ended up having to exit the game because nothing worked to fix her.

Winning a game of chess against mom.  Surprisingly even though she has the genius trait she’s rarely in the focused mood.

Telling a story or something to some unsuspecting tourist.  Later, this woman becomes the target for all prank calls and chain letters. I bet she wishes she didn’t visit the city now!

This one was hilarious if a bit scary.  He slunk around the apartment and did angry things like leave notes on the board.  He had a few whims to cool off but then he got one to argue with someone and I figured that might make it worse and I didn’t want him dying on me!

While Khloe was messing around downstairs talking to people Justin was up here exercising.  I didn’t even realize he was visiting the apartment until I noticed the thing blinking that it was almost time for him to leave.  Oh well.

They went to the Spice Festival and after telling them to do the curry challenge I realized that I was doing it without a whim.  Oops!

I couldn’t stand it anymore.  The indecision was killing me so I decided that yes, it’s okay to harvest if you’re going to re-plant or if you’re working on the Freelance Botanist aspiration.  The temptation of a tomato and onion was just too much.

After the excitement of the festival wore off Khloe headed into the karaoke bar where her friends were.  She finally (haha) had the whim to give an apartment key and gave it to Aadhya.

Ah, it’s moments like these that this game totally entertains me.

A little solo singing.

She had a whim to try local dishes and ran back over here to taste something before the festival ended.  This lady must have been really confused when she was dressing this day.  I keep forgetting to use the dresser mod on MCCC to stop this.

In the morning Khloe planted her prizes.  A blackberry, tomato, and onion.

Justin and Aadhya used their keys to get into the apartment.  I was perplexed because Khloe was in another room and had no social whims.  I kept making her do stuff to clean whims.

Finally, when it was almost time for them to leave, Khloe had a whim to tell a joke or something but it was pretty much a wasted visit.

Then she wanted to send a happy text and Justin invited her to a coffee shop.  Look around them, it’s all the guys that he moved in with off of the gallery.  So funny.

Once again, she’s sitting there with no whims that I can make her do while they talk right next to her.  So frustrating!

In the end, I made her take a confidence potion hoping that she’d get some for some social interactions like tell a crazy scheme. There were two possible friends I wanted her to talk to and the possibility of a bold pick-up line with Justin wouldn’t hurt either.  Then, she got stuck with one that said something like start a new career and it ruined the rest of the night.  Eventually, I just sent her home.

I didn’t even realize it was Lamar’s birthday until the alert popped up.

Awe, poor guy.  Both uncle Brody and aunt Rae also aged to elder this day.

Khloe went to the flea market and brought a big group with her.  The flea market didn’t set up right which is why you see food stands there.  The girl in the white and blue shirt is April.  She’s one of the ones she was trying to make friends with at the coffee shop but didn’t get enough whims to do it with.  This time she had the apartment key whim.  Which should have worked but even after they were friends the option never showed up.  I ended up just closing the whim out after getting frustrated with it.

Someone’s confident.  Gotta love that bold pick-up line!

There’s a huge gap in time between this pic and the last.  She got a whim to kiss someone after the pick-up line and their relationship wasn’t high enough yet so she was flirting with him when suddenly she was embarrassed and I realized that Aadhya had gotten in on the conversation and ruined it.  I kept having to move their conversation away from other sims until finally, their relationship was high enough for that kiss!

Wow, someone moves fast!

I love conveniently placed closets.

She had a whim to go on a date.  She asked Justin and they left the karaoke place.  Look he’s wearing clothes!  For some reason they got up from the table after ordering and clustered around this garbage can out back with some others.  So weird.

Justin stunk, he was tired, and he hated his space taco.  They did terrible on the date steps and by the time they’d finished the first part it ended and they got a bronze.  Justin popped up from the table and slunk off the map home to hopefully shower and sleep.

Back home while everyone sleeps grandpa Tate paints on the easel.  I sure do miss him.  I wonder if I put some bubbles out if he’d take them?

Chapter 4.3

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