TS4- Whim Challenge 4.3: The Yays Have It

Gen 4 Chapter 3

I decided I was sick of the empty space at the other end of the apartment and switched Khloe to the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration while she was sleeping.  Of course, she woke up with painting whims and after a few paintings, there was money for rent and building.

The playroom was originally part of the apartment.  I saved it to my library before deleting it.  I added some decorations to it and changed the colors to more gender neutral.  The nursery I did myself.  I didn’t bother with the child’s bedroom space yet because I don’t know if there will be a boy or girl.  Or how long it will take for her to have a whim for a baby for that matter.

She had to view art so she brought Justin along.  He was there for a few minutes and then left.  I guess he went to work.

Uncle Brody stopped by for a chat.

I moved the treadmill over by the hallway window.  I thought they’d enjoy that since it used to be on a balcony at their last place.

When I revised the rules I made it okay to hire a caterer if they don’t get whims to cook and you’re sick of them getting quick meals. He was a total pain.  Everyone thought they needed to talk to him including Brody.  He’d start cooking and then stop because they’d talk to him!  Oh well, the fridge got food in it that’s all that matters.

Khloe finally was able to give April a key.  That’s her three, I’ll click out of them from now on.

So much for the festival.  Khloe wanted to make out with Justin and the only place they could sit together was the art center nearby. This is the same spot that Tate and Blake had their first date in gen two.  Oh, the memories.


Boyfriend selfie!

Finally, Colin aged to young adult.  I had no idea they were so far apart in age.  That’s what happens when you have to wait for another baby whim to pop up!  He got a makeover and a job in the athletic career.

Justin invited Khloe out to breakfast but after ordering he disappeared and she ate then just stood there until finally, I had her leave.

She wanted to have a date.  I’d switched her temporarily to the soulmate aspiration.  They met at the park after the failed breakfast and got a gold date.

So cute together!

Justin came back to the apartment and the family was still in their jammies.  How embarrassing!

Khloe wanted to be mean to poor aunt Rea.

Thankfully, she got a whim later to become friends with someone and since Rea was there they patched things up.

Khloe was down on the street chatting with people or something for whims when I noticed Justin walking by in the scientist outfit.

I saw this cutie the other day and thought she’d be adorable with Colin.  She’s still a teen but that doesn’t mean they can’t be friends for now.

Everyone gets a drink and chats.  Luckily, Colin had a whim to become friends with someone so that made it easier.

Khloe played foosball for awhile with Estelle.

Geeze Grimmy you lush!

Double yay!

They were at the apartment and I didn’t feel like having them travel somewhere else just for the proposal like I usually do and then I thought of this cozy little fireplace area.  So romantic.

So this is what newly engaged men do eh?

Yet another date.  This one to celebrate their future.  (Or to fulfill a whim for a date but eh, we can pretend!)

They snuck upstairs for a bit of fun.  This restaurant is so cool.  I don’t even remember it.

Then, they made their way downstairs for a bonfire.

They all went to the gym for whatever whim Khloe had at the time and Colin finally was able to give Saya a key.  I rarely follow Colin’s whims but I’ve been paying more attention because of Saya.

Justin and Khloe had a dunking competition.  I think he’s a bit embarrassed.

Wow!  He’s hot… in more ways than one.

This popped up while they were dunking.  Guess what we’re doing tomorrow?!  Triple yay!

Chapter 4.4

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    1. I normally do no matter what save I’m playing but I will admit in the legacy I’m currently playing it’s hard with so many sims and I usually forget to even look!

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