TS4- Whim Challenge 4.4: To the Future

Gen 4 Chapter 4

I suppose this is as close as we can get to rain on your wedding day on Sims 4.  I accidentally left the fireplace on and the carpet in front of it must have caught on fire!

Family and friends watch the happy couple get hitched.

For some reason, I barely took any “getting married” pics this time around.

And so the deed is done.  Let’s party!

Sharing cake.  She looks so smitten.

Another pic taken because of the way she’s looking at him.

I guess she couldn’t resist.  Mom and dad both look on.  It’s easy to see how happy Khloe is.

A little down time with bro.

The caterer surprised them with a second cake.  It’s Saya’s birthday!

The younger generation gets a break by hiding in the bathroom for a chat.  I wonder what April is so excited about?  Could it be this…

Speaking of alone time.

No time like the present.  Gotta strike while the iron is hot… ya know all that stuff.

Before they leave Khloe thanks her Aunt Rae and Uncle Brody for coming to the wedding.  She doesn’t have a very good relationship with either of them but they’re family and have always been part of her life.

Back home she rushes to the bathroom to take a pregnancy test.  It’s positive!

I love this picture.  He looks so excited and she looks so thrilled.  Even Aadhya seems happy to hear the big news.

I have no idea how Lamar can nap with all of this going on!

Colin was furious about losing the game to Aadhya.

A/N: After this pic, I played out over two days.  It was an hour and a half playtime and somehow in that period of time I never once saved the game! My computer turned off and I lost it all.  The worst part was I was just about to save and start writing this chapter! So, I restarted right after this.

This dude walked into the apartment, circled around the living room, and walked back out and left.  So strange!

Justin gets to meet grandpa Tate.

This pregnancy doesn’t look like it’s going to be easy on poor Khloe.

Now that Justin lives there I wanted to share the apartment key with another sim so choose Estelle.  They didn’t have that much of a relationship to start with but I’ve always liked her.

I decided to get the ball rolling with Colin and Saya.  Luckily, he got the kiss someone whim.  That way he has to get their relationship up fairly high just for the first kiss.

So sweet!

He wanted to become flirty and I didn’t want to stop their conversation so he could take a steamy shower or anything.

They’re moving fast!

I will admit I thought about having them try for a baby.  I should have because I remember now that the whim doesn’t pop up unless they’re married.

Having a klepto sim can be a big pain.  She’s constantly wanting to steal stuff and usually I ignore it unless they’re somewhere she can steal but this time I thought oh it’ll be easy, she can go to her uncle and aunt’s place and grab something quick.  No such luck. There was not one thing in that whole huge apartment that could be stolen!

I knew she could steal these little banners from the pub so off they went.

Finally, she’s able to give Estelle a key and that whim’s gone.

April invited Khloe out to the coffee shop and Justin tagged along.  I think maybe everyone is getting sick of how sugary sweet these two are.

I love seeing places so busy like this.  It’s so much fun to watch everyone interact.

After they got home Khloe went off to bed and her parents went into the hallway to talk to Justin.  If they’re giving parenting advice I hope he doesn’t listen!

Chapter 4.5

Chapter notes:

I checked before writing this chapter and Khloe already has more completed whims than Phoenix!  This is the first time in this challenge that I’ve tried to get one of the siblings in a relationship.  Then again, I’m much more attached to Colin than I was Brody and Rea.

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