TS4- Whim Challenge 4.6: So Much Cuteness!

Gen 4 Chapter 6

It seems that Uncle Brody made some kind of a deal with Grim while he was there to reap Lamar.  Soon after Lamar died so did Aunt Rae but Brody (her twin) is still ticking.

I really don’t understand the “ally sibling” relationship that Justin has with Jaden but it’s nice he has a friend from his childhood.

Khloe expressed her sadness over her father’s death with a sad painting.

Colin tested out parenthood skills with Brin.

As annoying as the moping is Khloe is getting tons of easily filled whims like calming down in the mirror and calling the sadness hotline.

Her friends stopped by to cheer her up but it didn’t seem to help much.

Then, finally, Brin aged up to a toddler.

And Saya gave birth to Colin’s son.  I keep forgetting to visit there to see him.

Brin has fulfilled several whims already.  Get ready for the cuteness spam.  I’m sure you knew it was coming.

Daddy autonomously played dolls with his girl.  Note from the future: I have no idea why but everyone is obsessed with this dollhouse!  Every time any of the kids goes to play with it an adult stops whatever they’re doing to go play too.  It’s really weird!

Then he decided he wanted another baby.

But it was a no-go.  Poor girl just got over her dad’s death.

She had a nice chat with her mom about it.

Then Saya stopped by and played games with Phoenix.

Mommy and daughter danced together.

Brin was feeling sad over something.

So mommy read her a book.

Then Uncle Colin had a meal and a chat with her.

Later Colin was attacked by a freaky looking vampire.  Those eyes!

Poor guy.  He was so uncomfortable the next day.

A little daddy-daughter playtime.

Great Uncle Brody stopped by and gave Brin some tips on blocks.

Daddy snuggles!

Animal crackers are not a good idea.  She got a sugar rush and then crashed and got angry.

Mommy taught some basic needs.

Brin wanted to talk to a stranger so she went out and met Saya.

Will they get preggo this time?

Not only was she not pregnant but Brin ran into the bathroom and hit her.  She was angry because she was trying to sleep and there was loud music next door.

She made it up to mommy later though.

It’s nice having grandma around to help take care of her although I prefer the parents to gain the parenting skill.

And there they are!  Parenting at its best.

Brin had a whim to babble in a mirror.  So cute.

And a bonus for your entertainment.  Colin’s new work outfit.

Chapter 4.7

Chapter notes:

Hopefully one of them gets another baby whim soon because I really don’t want the kids spaced out as far as Khloe and Colin were!

10 thoughts on “TS4- Whim Challenge 4.6: So Much Cuteness!

    1. Brin’s pajamas? I love them, they’re my favorite except they wear them so much that you rarely get to see the toddler’s hair!


    1. Yea, they’re pretty funny although I haven’t bothered to try to get him the next promotion in awhile. I’m kinda sick of that blue one with the belt.

      Liked by 1 person

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