TS4- Whim Challenge 4.7: A Big Crazy Family

Gen 4 Chapter 7

Ready for more cuteness spam?  Of course, you are!

Khloe was getting pretty chunky so I switched her to the Bodybuilder aspiration for awhile so she’d get some exercise whims.  I also added more equipment because she got whims for them.

Brin completed tons of whims including reading a toddler book.

I swear this is the cutest thing!

Which reminded me to take the family to see Uriel Colin’s son.

They look so alike!

Third try’s a charm?

Here we go…


Justin is thrilled with the news.

A little learning to talk with mom.

Yet another stranger wandered into the apartment.

I know what you’re thinking.  I was thinking it too.  Who is this girl???


She’s there!  What on earth?

Her dad is one of the guys that I got from the gallery with Justin.  Look how many siblings she has!

I went to manage worlds and sure enough there she is!

So, I know I could have just transferred her over to her dad.  But the poor girl has six brothers and sisters!  Plus, I just thought it was funny.  Maybe it was fate?  Who knows?  So I moved Johnny in with them, changed his relationship with Justin to brothers which made Jackie his niece and decided that Justin’s brother Johnny asked him to take care of Jackie.

Poor girl.  Given over to her uncle to raise.  I didn’t have the extra bedroom done yet so I had to do it quickly for her.  I put in a bed for Brin too but this room is way too small.

Getting to know her new Uncle Colin and cousin Brin.

Brin was not happy and yelled at mommy.

The girls were visiting and Jackie wanted to meet someone new so she had a chat with Estelle.  She already is friends with Aadhya.

Colin heard sounds coming from Saya’s apartment and went to investigate.

Shockingly it was his Uncle Brody!  Whew!

Kind of a gross place to play with toys.

Can she even see the blocks to help her with that big belly?

Mom makes faces while Brin plays with the tablet and giggles.  So cute.

These two don’t interact much yet but I’m sure they’ll be close when Brin ages up.

A little fun with Uncle Colin.

Oh no!  I forgot a monster light.

Crisis averted.  Back to bed!

I’m having a hard time describing this without using bad words.  I knew that Khloe would be going into labor around 9am.  So at 6am, I had everyone gather for Brin’s birthday cake.  The problem was that whenever anyone picked her up to blow out the candles they’d put her right back down.  There was a cake in the fridge that should have been fine but it took so long it spoiled and Khloe had to cook another.  Then the same thing kept happening.  I kept moving the cake all over the place with no luck.  Dad was sick and mom went into labor, Colin left for work and still, I was messing with that cake!  Finally, I put in another table in the off chance that it was the problem.  It still wouldn’t work.  I have no idea why it suddenly worked in the end.  I thought I’d end up having to wait for her to age up on her own.

Finally!  Mom missed it because she ran to the bathroom to pee.

Her whims completed so far.  Not bad eh?

Here’s our girl.  Absolutely adorable!

Meanwhile, Mom and Dad rush to the hospital to welcome little Hanna… another girl!  What a big crazy family they have now!

Chapter 4.8

Chapter notes:

The big crazy family is about to get crazier.  I’ve thought about it and decided to move Colin’s son Uriel in with them.  At one point I’d planned to move Colin into the other apartment with Saya and Uriel if he had a whim to be with Saya but he hasn’t and I really don’t want to lose him yet anyway.

As to how the thing with Jackie happened… There’s a new feature with MC Command Center that I didn’t know about.  When all the sims in a household die leaving a baby, toddler or child alone instead of them being deleted they are “adopted” into another household. This time my own sims “adopted” Jackie when her mother died since her father lives with his wife and their kids in another household.  I think this is really cool and I’m happy I no longer have to go through manage worlds and age down elders so that the kids won’t disappear anymore!

6 thoughts on “TS4- Whim Challenge 4.7: A Big Crazy Family

    1. It’s really neat. I’m so glad I don’t have to worry about kids disappearing anymore. It’s happened to my kids friends before. One time I had to roll back a game because a kid disappeared that was part of a story.

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