TS4- Whim Challenge 4.8: Full House Life

Gen 4 Chapter 8

As agreed, Saya brought Uriel to the apartment to live with his father and his family.

To celebrate Brin’s birthday and Uriel joining the family they all went bowling while grandma stayed home to babysit little Hanna. This build is Downtown Movie n Bowl by YorkieOrigin aka Yorkielad.

I think it would have been better to have them each bowl in their own lane but I really wasn’t sure since this I just got the pack.

Grim seems to be everywhere they go lately.

Uriel had to go check out the scary vampire.

Then he made a mess.

I added some high chairs, potty chairs, and toys for toddlers.

Everyone was beat after bowling and they’d all just gotten to sleep (it takes awhile with 8 sims) when the monster woke the girls. Which doesn’t make sense because they both have a light over their beds.

Time for some monster-be-gone.

Since everyone was up and hungry they just had a midnight meal.

Brin’s working on those manners already.

Of course, as soon as things settled down Hanna had to start fussing.

The next morning it was Justin’s turn to blow out candles.  Although he’s an adult now, I didn’t see any reason to change his clothes.

Jackie got in big trouble for making a mess.

I swear Justin and Colin do nothing but work out.  If the girls want to talk to them they have to talk while they’re working out.

Brin finally noticed Hanna.  She was not happy.

Being a full-time dad is a bit different for poor Colin.

Everyone’s settling in together and getting along.

I don’t know why but the parents keep going to this dollhouse and playing alone and staying there.  Colin needed to pee really bad and just sat there.

I’d just gotten most of them into bed when Saya started making noise next door.  It’s kind of a pain with so many sims.

Both Uriel and Hanna were unhappy.  I do like this “see what’s wrong” feature now.

We didn’t get to see much of little Uriel as a toddler, unfortunately.  I wish I would have decided to move him in before this.

So much like his dad!

It’s crazy having so many kids in the house… and adults too, actually.

We’ve had two warnings that it’s almost Phoenix’s time so it won’t be long.  Not to sound cruel or anything but they kinda need her bedroom!

RIP Uncle Brody!

She had a whim to draw on the desk but it didn’t fulfill it.

Hanna aged up to toddler.  Yay!  Another adorable toddler to watch.

Quality grandma time.

The girls came to visit.  It was like a zoo with so many sims!

Hanna wanted to watch a puppet show so Jackie did one for her.

Chapter 4.9

8 thoughts on “TS4- Whim Challenge 4.8: Full House Life

  1. OMG Hanna is SO cute! Love those little pigtails. I’m sure Phoenix wouldn’t mind sharing a room with some of the kids, but they’d probably be messed up for life if she died in the room with them…best of luck!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Then the rest of the grown-ups have to explain who Grim, and what death, is! Because Grim ALWAYS hangs out with the family after a reaping. You know, he’s got to get to know everyone.

        Liked by 1 person

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