TS4- Whim Challenge 4.9: Racking Up the Whims

Gen 4 Chapter 9

I just realized I’m starting with a pic of the girls playing with the dollhouse and finishing with one.  Oh well, it’s cute to see the sisters play together.

Saya visited and spent some time with her son.  I feel kinda guilty that nothing more happened with her but Colin never has whims for her.  Khloe has whims all the time to talk to her or joke with her but Colin never does.  I guess he just really wanted his own kid. And even though she lives next door just like their aunt and uncle did she never comes to visit.  It’s weird.

Justin turned out to be a very attentive father.

Tragedy struck!  (Okay okay so I may have been kinda hoping for it since the kids needed her room but still, it’s a tragedy to them.)

Everyone piled into the living room to await Grim’s arrival.  Justin must have been really hungry.

Phoenix’s ending whim count.  I’ll total the others at the end.

After tending to his duties Grim had a chat with little Hanna.

I still don’t understand why the monster lights weren’t working.  Maybe I had auto-lights on that room?  Kinda sucks though because they were woken up once for their grandmother’s death and then had only gotten to sleep when the monster arrived.

Let the sad whims begin starting with a sad painting.

Look how miserable they all were!

Phoenix’s bedroom was converted into a girls room for Jackie, Brin, and Hanna.

Then, the small room the girls shared was converted into a boys room for Uriel.

The nursery was converted back to what it was originally by the builder of this apartment.

Brin was trying on outfits in the closet.  This one made me laugh.

Uriel was journaling about his sadness.  All of them have journals since they get whims for them.

Hanna had a nightmare so daddy read her a book.  I think they might have changed the frequency of the nightmares because they don’t seem to happen as often as they did when toddlers first came out.

A bath with mommy.  I love those new tubs but they make taking pics a little difficult.

Shockingly, all three kids had whims to do homework when they got home from school.

Caught a spontaneous hug.

Uh oh.

Dad was not happy.  Brin looks a bit smug.

Everyone having some fun.

I’d completely forgotten that the announcement popped up for Khloe’s adult birthday the day before.  Nobody except Hanna was home with her to celebrate but I didn’t want her to get the sad missed birthday moodlet after just getting over Phoenix’s death.

Mommy-daughter dance to celebrate?

All of the kids get along so well.  Jackie fits right in as if she’d been born there and not adopted.

Super awkward hug!

Yet another bath pic.

A little roughhousing with mom gets too rough…

Awe, a little comfort from the bear.

Everyone spending time together.  They all had social whims for each other when they got home from school.  Also, I have no idea why I keep getting blurry pics like this.  If I angle the camera different they usually don’t blur but it’s a pain.


Hahahaha!  Best. Phase. Ever!  Jackie’s a bear until the phase is over and it’s so entertaining.

As promised, we end with another pic of the girls (and Uriel) playing at the dollhouse.  I love the sisters but I love the cousins as well. I will admit that having so many sims to keep track of is overwhelming at times and I look forward to school/work time quite a bit to get a break.

Chapter 4.10

Chapter notes:

Okay, let’s do a review of whims completed since our Phoenix passed on:

Gen 1- Lulu’s whim total: 552

Gen 2- Tate’s whim total: 650

Gen 3- Phoenix’s whim total: 361

Gen 4- Khloe’s whim total so far: 557

Gen 5- The kids… Jackie: 44 Brin: 89 Uriel: 30 Hanna: 21

At this point, I have no idea who is going to be the heir for gen 5.  Highly doubtful it will be Hanna though. There’s just too much of an age gap there.  I like all three of the older kids but it’s hard to get a good feel on their personalities so I thought I’d make a little list to help keep things straight.  This was actually written in the future but I decided to add it here instead.  There might be some behind-the-scenes info you don’t even know about the kids!  I’ll update these observations again when the kids are older and might do an heir poll if anyone is interested.  At this point in my play Jackie and Brin just aged to teens.

Jackie– Justin’s niece.  Adopted by the family shortly after she aged to a child.  Very responsible, friendly and aims to please.  Went through a long bear phase during childhood.  Enjoys spending her spare time with her cousins.

Brin– Khloe and Justin’s eldest daughter.  Compassionate and steady.  Also enjoys spending spare time with her cousins.  Went through a long picky eater phase as a child.

Uriel– Colin’s son with Saya.  Originally lived with his mom until shortly before aging to a child when he moved in with his dad.  Very clingy most likely due to the situation with his parents.  He’s responsible but lacks emotional control and is sometimes insensitive. He didn’t have much of a relationship with Hanna until she aged to child but has always gotten along good with the older girls.

Hanna– Khloe and Justin’s younger daughter.  It took a long time to get pregnant a second time so there is a large age gap between her and the other children.  She’s the baby of the family and gets a lot of attention from her cousins.  Not an heir candidate just making observations.

14 thoughts on “TS4- Whim Challenge 4.9: Racking Up the Whims

        1. Yea, Brin’s the eldest daughter. Hanna’s her sister and Uriel’s their cousin. I cheated to make Jackie family but I think that whoever made her dad and Brin’s dad used the same template because other than hair color and clothing they look identical.

          Liked by 1 person

  1. Rawr! Bear phase! I had a child in my legacy go though it was well–lasted his whole childhood! I saw four different bear outfits. The. Best. Phase.

    Oh no! You said I’d be surprised at who Grim chatted with after the death. Poor Hannah! “Well little girlie, this here is my reaping scythe. I swing it up like this, then I swing and make sure to aim–” Ack! No wonder she’s having so many nightmares!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I loved the bear phase. I was sad when it suddenly ended. I thought it was so funny watching Hanna and Grim talk. She was swinging her hands around and he stood there all patient. Now, if she ends up with the evil trait we’ll know why!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I love them too! I just wish there were more parenthood whims. The only reason any of the adults do anything is because I switch them to the Super Parent aspiration.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh? The alien one? Darn, I used Nerd Brain because I couldn’t think of anything. Although, I don’t remember seeing anything in the rules about changing the MCs aspiration.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Hmmm… I don’t remember! I think you can’t? But I’m not sure. For the child, you roll one and stick with it until the birthday, but I forget what the rules are for the care-taker. The parent one is awesome! 🙂

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