TS4- Whim Challenge 4.10: The Family That Plays Together

Gen 4 Chapter 10

I realized looking over previous chapters that I never seem to take any pics of Khloe and Justin anymore.  I’ve just been occupied with the family as a whole but trust me they’re still hot and heavy.  Both of them have whims constantly wanting more babies.  I just ignore them until they go away because I surely don’t want more kids!

Colin aged to adult.

The three older kids are all very close and spend most of their time together.

Khloe gets whims at least once a day for Saya.  Luckily you can click on the door and ask to talk to them and that’s the end of that whim.

Hanna did really well on all of her toddler skills thanks to mom.

Awe the cuteness!

I couldn’t figure out where these two were after school and found them on the street playing and making a mess.

April came over to visit and decided for whatever reason to repair their toilet.  Hanna helped by getting things out of the cabinet.  Boy was this one a hard pic to take.  This half bath is tiny.

All four of the kids hanging out.

Which gives mom a break to spend time with her friend now that she’s finished with their toilet.

Brin wanted to put on a puppet show and Khloe wasn’t doing anything so she watched.

Hanna giving love to the stuffed animals.

Then it was Saturday and time for a trip with family and friends.  Jackie’s dad even showed up to bowl with her.  He’s wearing the grey shirt.  At some point, he left and I didn’t manage to get a better pic.

Hanna just roamed the building.  Daddy made her a sandwich but I had her pull it off of the highchair so she could sit wherever and eat it.

I have to admit I find the bowling pretty boring.  It’s nice to have something else for the sims to do together though.

Hahaha!  Justin faceplanted!

Hanna ran around…

…then took a nap.

They ended the evening at the theater upstairs of the bowling alley.  Everyone was exhausted when they got home.

Uriel decided to take after his dad and work on the class projects that have all been lying around since they brought them home like a week ago.  The girls haven’t touched them.

A little impromptu family workout while the kids are sleeping.  I wonder if they’re just attracted to the stuff when another one of them is on it?

Brin decides to make a mess.

I wanted to see what time out does.  I thought it was pretty neat.

Then Uriel went right behind her and added to the mess.

Jackie was smart.  She decided to stay out of all of it and go play in the hallway.

Then, it was finally Hanna’s birthday!

Isn’t she adorable?  When I saw that hair I knew it was perfect for her.

The family went out for the day to celebrate.  First, they went swimming.

Jackie was really upset about not wearing her bear costume.

Then, they all went to a restaurant for a late lunch.

Chapter 4.11

Chapter notes:

At this point, this is the longest generation chapter-wise of this challenge so far.  I think that the first generation had 11 chapters but the first 2 or 3 were restarted.  I’m having lots of fun with them all.  It is very difficult with so many sims though.  I spend a lot of time paused going through their needs and whims to decide what they should all be doing.

I decided to go ahead and make an heir poll.  When I made it I didn’t realize that none of the kids are teens yet in the published posts!  Oops!  Anyways, here’s a sneak peek at them.  I’d appreciate your votes.  I love them all and can’t choose!

Gen 5 heir poll

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