TS4- Whim Challenge 4.12: Mischief Managed

Gen 4 Chapter 12

At the end of the last chapter, I expressed how annoying it is to try to find clothes that fit Brin’s personality which is a goofball slob.  I even searched for CC but nothing stuck out to me.  Then the idea stuck!  Use men’s clothes!  Total jackpot.  Oddly, this change in outfits has endeared Brin to me much more than previously.

Since she didn’t have school that morning I had Brin to entertain me which was nice because it gets old just having Khloe during the day.

Wow.  The only other one that’s used this is Uriel.  The funny part is they get a ton of responsibility doing these projects.  It’d be nice if they had whims for them so that they’d actually be able to finish one though.

I was thinking I’ve never mentioned before that Khloe has very high mischief skill.  She’s constantly playing pranks on her family members.

I always grab an opportunity to snap a pic when they’re all together.  Justin was at work if you’re wondering where he is.

I forgot Hanna is a Glutton.  I was like eh what’s she doing to her food?  Sadly, as far as I can tell the only whim for that trait is eat an excellent meal which you also get for Foodie so it’s kind of a wasted trait.  Maybe she’ll get more when she’s older.  Note from the future: She does!

At least she can hang out with Uriel until he ages to teen.  Hopefully, the older kids will still include her.  It’s funny to think that these two didn’t really have a relationship at all when she aged to child and they gravitate towards each other now.

I almost died laughing when this popped up!

You think I won’t do it?

Flame on llama toy!

Saya ran over from next door to point out that yes, there’s a fire.  Thanks, Saya go on home now.

Time to clean up and buy a new table.  That was entertaining.

Khloe had a whim to workout at the gym and I was excited for another chance to check out the new stuff from the fitness pack.  I ended up changing out their old treadmill at home for one of these fancy ones.

Aadhya used the rock wall and I kept my fingers crossed that Khloe would.  Then everyone started getting off of work and school so I figured there’s an even better chance someone will be drawn to it.

They can watch a sim on the rock wall and cheer for them.  That’s nice.

Hurrah!  It has happened.  I know Colin used it last time but it was dark and I couldn’t get a good pic.  Sadly, the only whim they’ve gotten so far regarding it is to buy one for their own home which isn’t going to happen.  Maybe once they move?

Brin does a little dance workout.  I like these big movie screens here.  It’s a nice touch.

For once I didn’t have to click out of a cloudgaze whim.  If you didn’t know they can’t cloudgaze or stargaze in the city.  The ear buds are weird.  They stay on even when she’s not listening to them.

Bow to the bunny trophy!  She got it for one of those new chance cards that they get constantly for school.  I ended up writing down which character values each of the kids are working on so I know better what to pick.

That’s a bit creepy there grandpa Tate.  He’s the only family member that I’ve left the urn out for hauntings.  First, because he’s one of my all time favorite sims.  Second, because I don’t want a bunch of ghosts haunting every darned night stopping the ultra speed. And third, I just don’t want a ton of urns taking up space.

At least he’s helpful.  That expensive bed that Khloe and Justin has leaves them sleeping only a few hours a night.  I really should have changed it out but oh well.


I do really enjoy looking at our cutie Hanna but still, the bear thing is sooo funny!

Now it’s time for Uriel to join the big kids.  Don’t look so thrilled Uriel!

Yes?  No!!!

Whew, that’s better!

I’m pretty sure I’ve never had an unflirty sim.  I’m looking forward to seeing what whims he gets.

His bedroom got an upgrade.  I gave him music themed stuff since he’s creative.

He’d immediately gotten a whim to play an instrument.  I think I’m going to buy him a guitar too.

Now Hanna has to rely on mom and dad to play with her.  Hopefully, the older kids will sometimes too.

I didn’t realize that creative sims get a whim to plant something.  I had him plant a garlic bulb since Khloe keeps wanting to make garlic braids.  I’d stuck the old plants in inventory because they never took care of them and I kept forgetting to make someone water them.

He had a whim to make tips but nobody stopped to listen to him.  I’ll have to try with the guitar next time.

Both Brin and Uriel started this phase.

All the girls spending a little time together.

Then Khloe’s friends visited and the house became absolute chaos!  What fun!

I added this teen household from the gallery called Teens by anasmile12.

Chapter 4.13

In case you were wondering Jackie won!!!

11 thoughts on “TS4- Whim Challenge 4.12: Mischief Managed

    1. Ya know I’m not sure exactly how long the phases last. Most of them are pretty boring and I don’t pay much attention to them.
      The “loud music” is really loud but normally you can set how high the music is played when they have it on.


    1. I didn’t know that either! It was so funny. It’s amazing the things you find out when you have the right items in the house to give them the whim!

      Liked by 1 person

            1. It’s fun and frustrating that’s for sure! Especially when you really want them to do something. Like in gen one I wanted her to get together with a different sim than she did.

              Liked by 1 person

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