TS4- Whim Challenge 4.14: The Joy of Teens

Gen 4 Chapter 14

I started up the game and everyone was sleeping.  I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t going ultra speed.  Then I saw Saya in the kitchen repairing the stove.  As soon as she was done she said she had to leave and went back to her apartment.  I will admit I was kinda hoping she’d shock herself.  C’mon, it would have been funny!

Aahdya called inviting Khloe to her birthday party.  I thought it might be fun so she went.  The odd thing is that she doesn’t even live there!  After they were done I was going to send Khloe back because during the party her son wasn’t there and it said they were not in world.  So I stuck them into a house.  Sheesh.

Then nobody put candles on the cake.  At this point, I was getting bored.  All of the guests (who I didn’t recognize) were upstairs talking.


I do feel a bit bad though.  Her son will end up being adopted out because she’s not going to live until he’s a teen.  I should find her a young husband!

I thought this was really funny!  They called her from school to get her opinion on what’s the best voidcritter?

The kids hardly ever turn up at the apartment after school anymore.  I always have to find them and send them home.  They’re all miserable anyway.

More games.  I so love that they added the gaming console back.  This is what I used to do in the other Sims games too.

I’ve had them meeting friends while at school and I figured I’d have all of them invite the ones they know over so hopefully, the other kids can meet them too.  It kinda sucked when Khloe took over gen 4 with no friends.

Once again it was bedtime and it wasn’t speeding up.  I have no idea where this kid was hiding earlier but Jackie had to ask him to leave.

Khloe watered the garlic plant and then decided she wanted a bonsai tree.  Then she got a whim to get focused which I thought that the tree would do but I guess not.  Either that or it doesn’t always happen?


She wanted to play cards so I had her invite her friends over.

I swear the focused emotion gives the most boring whims.  Upgrade an item.  Fun!

Sure why not?  It’s the first time I’ve used the blemishes.  I always forget about them.  It was easier when they just broke out but then again the pimples were freaking huge in Sims 2.

A visit to the Spice Festival.

I’ve never seen that foil hat!  I was cracking up.

She wanted to use the bubble blower.  My sims never seem to like them.

Then she wanted to eat at a stand and got some Pho.

Poor girl.  Between the two she was pretty embarrassed.

Jackie wanted to order a drink.  Her favorite drink appears to be nectar.  How fancy of her.

I saw one of the teens I’d added to the game and had Brin go meet her.  Yes, I know I’m not supposed to do that but I hate waiting for the “meet someone” whim all the time.  Her name is Danielle.

While everyone was at the festival the guys were in the karaoke bar.  I think that guy in the red shirt is Aadhya’s baby daddy.

A picture of cuteness before I send them home to bed and then her birthday party.

Oh am I going to miss this girl as a child!  She’s so adorable.

I forgot to screenshot the aging up one.

Ta-da!  Freaking adorable still!  It’s funny that she got the romantic trait and Uriel has the unflirty trait.  I wonder if they’ll clash?  She actually looks more like Jackie than Brin.

They invited more kids over to the house so everyone could meet them.

Jackie was all tense because of all the strangers in the house.  Ugh, I hate loners.  Oh, this is Anthea by the way.

Haha!  She wanted to rummage through trash so I sent her downstairs.  Gotta love the mixture of romantic and glutton.

For some reason, everyone had whims to talk to Justin.  He was on the treadmill like always.  Dude is addicted to exercise!  No more active sims again for awhile.  Between him and Colin being active and getting everyone pumped up it’s driving me nuts.

This time when everyone was in bed the night before Jackie’s birthday they were all woken up by Saya playing loud music next door.

Everyone was stomping around the apartment and driving me nuts.

Geeze, like he needs another excuse?

I couldn’t figure out what was taking so darned long when I looked and Khloe had interrupted Colin and they had to pound on the door all over again!  Sheesh.  Good thing tomorrow is Sunday or everyone would have to call in a vacation day so they can do Jackie’s cake.

Chapter 4.1

Chapter notes:

As you know by now Jackie won the heir poll.  In a way I’m disappointed that Brin didn’t win because she’s so eccentric but ohhh wait ’till y’all see what Jackie’s final trait is!  Uriel only got one vote and I’ll admit as much as I usually prefer playing male characters I’m kinda bored of him.  Although, he is helping me add the unflirty whims to my Trait/Whim Guide.

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