TS4- Whim Challenge 5.1: Off to New Adventures

Gen 5 Chapter 1

If you didn’t know already, Jackie won the heir poll!  Time to start generation 5!

What are you wishing for Jackie?

I seriously thought this was hilarious.  I think everyone who picked Jackie did it because she’s so sweet… now she’s a bit evil!

And so, her young adult clothes have to reflect that new evil side of her.  I wonder what exactly made her an evil loner?  I blame her father.  He didn’t even show up for her birthday!  When her mother died he pawned her off to his brother’s family.  He didn’t even raise most of his other kids.  Jackie has 6 brothers and sisters and yet only Hazel lived with their dad.  Then again, maybe our sweet Jackie always had a bit of evil hidden deep inside?

Yay!  Two bonus traits!

Khloe’s whims completed in gen 4.  No, I didn’t do anything to get a round number.

Jackie’s whims completed so far.

Time to start generation 5….


Here they are at the new apartment building.  Every generation so far has changed apartments.  I did love the old one but I thought it wouldn’t be right to change the pattern!  Notice some missing sims?  Uncle Colin finally married Saya!  Colin, Uriel, and Saya now live in the apartment next door.

Here we are!  It’s time to take a tour.  The top and bottom floors were created by Izolza.  You can find them in the room sort on the gallery under Landgraab VIII.  I’ve decided to give IllusoryThrall’s Apartment Switch challenge a try so that the next time they move I can build the apartment myself.  I really have no clue how to build one as it is but trying to find one I liked was frustrating and even though I picked this one I ended up changing quite a bit.

Here’s the cute little kitchen nook…

The living area…

Outside we have a balcony again which is why I chose this apartment instead of the one next door.  This beauty was created by vindicatedornot.  You can also find this in the room sort under VIII Landgraab Renovated.  I had to do a bit of changing things around inside because that back wall with the flowers and chimes was different on the inside apartment but I think it came out quite well.

Here we have a little office area that will most likely get changed into a nursery sooner or later.

Jackie’s room.  You might be surprised to know that I didn’t change one thing in here!  It was already decorated all black and I think it looks classy.

Hanna/Brin’s room.  This was set up like this but as a childs room so I had to go through and delete all the toys and add a few other things.  I ended up changing those end tables later because I think the wood tables look weird with everything else metal.

Khloe and Justin’s room.  I mostly only added those inspiring painting things from the old apartment.

This was another bed/bath.  I really liked the gym room in another apartment I looked at and at first I was going to put the exercise stuff on the balcony but when I saw that I decided to give them a gym room so that they have their own rock wall.  I know I like taking them places but I also paid for the darned pack and it seems like a waste if they’ll only occasionally use it!

Last we have this empty space which had some random furniture in it but I didn’t like it.  I’m thinking a play area whenever there are kids.

A knock at the door already?  It’s Uncle Colin wanting to hang out!  Saya never did that the whole time they were in the old apartment.  Weird.

That’s new.

Ah, the view.

The welcome wagon showed up.  Everyone met Vera who must live in one of the other apartment buildings in this district.  The polite introduction boosts their friendship quite a bit so that’s a big bonus.

Everyone chilled out and chatted.  Too bad Uriel didn’t tag along.  Maybe teens can’t be part of the welcome wagon?

After everyone left Jackie grabbed a slice of fruitcake.  Her and Justin hated it.  The others loved it.  Haha, now Jackie can complain about fruitcake to people.  I’ve always found that one funny.

Justin wasted no time escaping to the new gym area.

I switched Jackie to the Friend of the World aspiration and she wanted to make a friend so she went downstairs.  She talked to Anthea for a little bit but Anthea was very sad and didn’t stick around.  They’d met when Jackie was a teen.  That group are still teens but should be aging up very soon.  Note from the future: Every time that she meets up with Anthea she’s sad and I finally figured out why!  She has the good trait so she’s sad about evilness! 

Then I saw Marc, another of that group of teens, and thought she could maybe make friends with him.  But no.  Not only would he not stop to talk to her he also made her very angry!

Now we know who her first enemy will be!

She made her way over to the picnic tables and let me tell ya most of these guys are pretty yucky but there was Adrian waving at her.  She tried talking to him thinking maybe he could be her friend but he got up and left!

This is not working out well at all.  She has that darned loner trait making her stranger danger pop up and nobody seems to want to talk long enough to become friends.  Once she was done eating I decided to just take her home.

I think these class projects are so cute.  I really wish they could complete them.  Once I start working on another challenge you better belive those poor kids will be stuck doing class projects like crazy!

Jackie wanted to be alone so I thought it would keep her in the room long enough for the moodlet to pop up if she did her makeup in her room.  But the moodlet never popped up!  It hasn’t been.  So I looked on the forums and someone was saying the same was happening to them and it was suggested that they try repairing their game.  Which I did, and it now works!  Yay!

What’s the matter, Jackie?  Don’t want to be in a hot tub with a ghost.  Nice to see great-grandpa Tate nevertheless.  Tate was recently featured on Mastress Alita’s blog: Sims Pride 2017 with his husband Blake.

Okay, this weirdness has got to stop!  Two sims showed up in the apartment when everyone was sleeping.  This guy even tried to get into bed with Jackie!

This dude did the pee-pee dance on his way to Khloe and Justin’s bathroom but then both turned around and left.

There they go on the street as if nothing happened!  I’m so confused about this!

In the morning I got a peek at Uriel on his way to school.  He doesn’t look happy.  I hope he isn’t upset about the marriage and move. I’ll have to try to remember to change his clothes when he ages up to young adult.

Chapter 5.2

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      1. She has that darned loner trait making her stranger danger pop up and nobody seems to want to talk long enough to become friends. No the evil thing might be fun hehehe. oh yeah cute apartment too.

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