TS4- Whim Challenge 5.3: All the Wrong Places?

Gen 5 Chapter 3

Before I start I wanted to show you this.  It’s Jackie’s dad’s family tree!  I did something crazy.  I went through the entire save file and looked at every sim’s family tree to see if they were linked to anyone.  The ones that weren’t and were close to elder or were elder and close to passing on I deleted.  The ones that I kept all got makeovers to their everyday clothes and most got athletic too once I thought of it.  They all got put in houses/apartments as well.  So what I’ve been doing is every night when I save when the family is sleeping I go to manage worlds and any new sims that the game created get makeovers and homes as well.  It’s time-consuming but I really like how all of the sims look now.  There is the added bonus that I didn’t anticipate that I recognize most sims when Jackie is out and about.

Probably the biggest difference was Jackie’s brother Yosef.  He’d had such an unfortunate haircut that made him look terrible.  It’s amazing what one little haircut can do!

I think that this is the first time that we’ve seen her other brother Darren.  I know, she has so many!  One more left to meet.

Jackie wanted to win a multi-player game.  This is actually an evil whim.  Which I found hilarious.  Oh so tough, I’m gonna beat you at a video game!

She lost and got really angry.  She couldn’t even try again!

Uriel came to visit.

The four cousins hung out in the hot tub watching the kids channel.  Hey, adults watch cartoons too!

She keeps getting charisma whims.  I’m getting kinda sick of watching her talk to mirrors.

Brin got a job in the entertainer career so that she can be a comedian.  But first, she has to learn some guitar.

Another flirty whim.  Maybe it will help move things along?

She does a soak in rose petals to get her in the mood.

Then heads over to Paddy’s bar.  Where she gets yet another talk to mirror whim.

How’s she supposed to figure out if they’re cute guys like this?

Where is he?

I had to search the whole neighborhood to find the guy!  I don’t really like his eye shape if that makes sense?  They look weird up close.  After she flirted with him she got a whim for someone back in the bar.  Geeze talk about running ragged.

Back in the bar, I see this hottie.  His name is Ross.  I was all oh yeah he might be the one!

So, even though he’s working she introduces herself and gets to know him.  After this, I got the Observant trait because I’m sick of doing the get to know thing so much.  She’s doing Friend of the World so she meets a lot of sims!

Not only is he married but I learned later he has kids.

The girl next to her is Maggie.  I like her so I think she’ll be her bestie.  On a side note, why does the game keep giving the girls that top she’s wearing?  It’s driving me nuts.  She gets a new one with her makeover.  The blue knight is Jackie’s brother Darren.

She wanted to be alone and I thought I’d have her climb the rock wall alone but she never got the enjoying solitude moodlet.

Brother Donnie invited Jackie out to the Newcrest park to hang out.

She wanted to make another enemy and she was sort of friends with pretty much everyone in the park so I just picked a random insane dude and had her be mean until they could fight.

Her athletic skill isn’t that high so I don’t know why she keeps winning all the fights.

Oh c’mon!

I tried a bunch of interactions but none of them fulfilled the whim.  He did not accept her begging for forgiveness.

This popped up while she was there.  RIP Dad!

The final unmet brother!  Hurrah!  His name is Bryson and he’s still a teen.

I thought that Jackie would like going to a jazz bar since she’s a music lover.  I also hoped she might meet a special someone while there.  The bar was created by PooBeee and it’s called Freddy Rhythms Jazz Club.

After work, Brin joined her but spent most of the night playing guitar.  People even tipped her!  They were there for hours but nothing interesting happened other than Jackie getting her 20 friends needed for her aspiration.

Time for Khloe’s elder birthday.

At least she seems to have a sense of humor about it.  Time for another makeover!  I feel like I’ve spent days in create-a-sim!

Which included giving Uriel his young adult makeover.  Didn’t he turn out to be a hottie?!

The Romance Festival was announced and I hoped that this would be the lucky event that finds Jackie a man.  She dragged Hanna with her so she could get out of the apartment for a little bit.  I took this picture to show how annoying that accessory bug is!  They all are wearing a ton of accessories and look so goofy!

Well, romance guru is it as bad as I fear?

I knew it!

 (No really, they tell my sims this almost every time!)

Poor Jackie!  Seriously though, it’s been 7 days and three chapters and the only potential is Tim with the weird eyes!

Hanna didn’t do much.  Just stood around talking near the entrance.  Uncle Colin was there throwing rose petals at everyone.  Aunt Saya does not look pleased.

Holy cow!  The vampire Caleb Vatore got really chubby!  When did that happen?  I was actually considering him in my desperation but wow he really let himself go!  Will Jackie find love?  Will she have to settle for a chubby vampire?  Is she just looking for love in all the wrong places?  Hopefully, we’ll know in the next chapter!

Chapter 5.4

5 thoughts on “TS4- Whim Challenge 5.3: All the Wrong Places?

    1. That’s a freezer bunny guitar! I thought about changing his eyes but that seemed cheaty to me, lol. I try to only change the townies clothes and hair.

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  1. First , congratulations on keeping Caleb alive ! He and his sister always get caught by the sun in the city in my game . .. and fry! Second, Caleb sure seems to enjoy sampling the cuisine !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have no idea how Caleb and Lilith are still alive in this save! I see them during the day all the time! Caleb is a food vendor so he must be doing a lot of sampling, lol.

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