TS4- Whim Challenge 5.4: The Dating Game Begins

Gen 5 Chapter 4

Tim invited Jackie out to breakfast and I just wanted to get an up close shot of him this time so I can show what I mean about his weird eye shape.

Jackie spent most of the time that they were waiting for the food chatting with Maggie.  She didn’t have any whims I could use so she was totally autonomous while there.  I keep waiting for the give apartment key whim that’s always there to pop up so she can give one to Maggie but it never has.

The food comes and they start eating.  Jackie laughs maniacally and I’m thinking Tim should be a little scared.  Instead, he just eats and stares into the distance.  They didn’t speak the whole time they were there!

This is that weird wash dishes thing that keeps popping up.

Here we meet bachelor number one, Robert.  He’s one of the sims that I added to the game when the girls were teens.  All of the other ones aged up with terrible traits so I assumed that Robert had too but I was wrong.  More on him later.

I was watching Khloe and Justin and remembered I needed to continue the tradition of having an elder photo of them.

Hanna got so close to finishing this experiment before she got hungry and stopped.  I was so disappointed!

She wanted to make another enemy but darned Izumi wouldn’t come to the house.

Hello, Luca!  It’s time to become an enemy.  It’s really hard to make one because she knows so many sims and is friends with them already.  Plus her good manners trait makes her embarrassed as well as her loner trait!  So while she’s arguing with them she’s usually pretty embarrassed about the whole thing!

Fighting gives them a low relationship fast.  It’s also really funny to watch.

As this crowd can attest to!

Khloe wins!  I wonder if she always wins because she’s evil?

This is a horrible pic but they were surrounded by people.  Meet bachelor number two, Bryce.  She wanted to compliment someone so she complimented his appearance.

Then she wanted to teach responsibility.  The kid looks at her like she’s nuts.  He’s probably thinking how can she lecture me on responsibility when she was just fighting in the street?

I agree with Stella!  Izumi’s pregnant?!  Ohmygosh but wait for it…

Bachelor number one is the father!

Meet bachelor number three, Jarrod.  We’ve overlooked him in the past because he’s good but perhaps good and evil can co-exist?

I mean look at how he’s looking at her!

First whim of the day.  Geeze.

Time to beat up poor Neelesh.

Meet bachelor number four, Brett.  He’s impressed with Jackie’s muscles and her fighting skills.

Although he walks away he has to look back to see her again.  Also, all the food and drinks all over the ground are driving me nuts. One of these days I’m going to have one of my sims go clean them all up.

Ohmygosh it’s Jarrod #3!  He’s our maid!

He’s got his eye on Jackie that’s for sure!

Time for a bold pickup line.  Brett seems impressed.

Oh man, the competition is intense.  Meanwhile, Jackie reads the darned vampire tome.  That whim is soooo annoying!

Jackie wanted to make another enemy.  She sees two of her known enemies consorting with this woman Bailee.  She makes her way over and rudely introduces herself when disaster strikes!

Khloe’s long time friend Aadhya falls dead to the ground behind them!  The crowd was even bigger than this by the time Grim showed up for the reaping.  RIP Aadhya!  I put one of the new sims into her household just yesterday so her son would have a caregiver.  Good thing I did eh?

Classy gal, our Jackie.

Oh no, what’s wrong Hanna?


Time to calm down.  We don’t want you dying on us too!  The journal works good and they almost always get a whim for it.  Another surprising one that worked even better?  Cry.  Just click on them and cry.  I think it negatively affects their emotional control or something though.

Finally, we get to bachelor number five, Curtis.  He’s the brother of #4.  She didn’t get to talk to him much because she didn’t have many social whims but I made her run down and talk to him when I saw him on the street and she had a whim to tell a joke.  Nothing like having a hot girl introduce herself to you just to tell you a joke eh?  Our evil girl looks almost shy!

Ugh.  I couldn’t pick a guy to use this whim on!

Back up to the apartment Uriel and Brin are clashing over her trying to scare him and Hanna seems to find it hilarious.  Time for bed everyone!

Except for grandpa Tate!  He’s being so helpful fixing that darned stuck garbage shoot.

Umm… kinda pointless Tate.  But keep mopping if it makes you feel better.  Looks like Jarrod will have his work cut out for him in the morning!

Chapter 5.5

Chapter notes:

I’ve had my fun.  Jackie’s been all over the map and done tons of stuff.  I’m sick of ignoring the rest of the family.  I’m ready for some romance and children!  Now, I know y’all are thinking but Rainy there are 5 bachelors!  Well, before this last day there were only two options #1 and #2.  And technically I didn’t think #1 had good traits until I looked and I didn’t even know #2 existed until I went messing with clubs trying to find single young adults.  That’s how I found #3 as well.  I didn’t realize he’s the maid.  I don’t pay much attention to the apartment itself because Jackie’s rarely there.  Then, I was doing my cleanup in manage worlds and #4 and #5 were there!  Finally, some competition!  As of the time I’m writing this I haven’t decided how to pick.  I considered having a vote but I’m like 4 chapters ahead of the ones being published so that would take forever.   So pick your favorite and see how they do in the next chapter! 

Bachelor number one Robert Hanks: Bro, Goofball, Outgoing, Astronaut.


Bachelor number two Bryce Jacobs: Gloomy, Clumsy, Genius.




Bachelor number three Jarrod Barone: Lazy, Art Lover, Good, Maid.  Will good and evil be able to love?

Bachelor number four Brett Drake: Cheerful, Clumsy, Bookworm.

Bachelor number five Curtis Drake: Goofball, Music Lover, Clumsy, Spy.


6 thoughts on “TS4- Whim Challenge 5.4: The Dating Game Begins

  1. HMMM #1 already has Izumi preggers. I like the “Maid Dude” I see them sneaking in the closet lol. Curtis might be fun too, Evil and a spy??

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