TS4- Whim Challenge 5.5: Jackie’s Bachelorette

Gen 5 Chapter 5

Let me fill you in on what’s going to happen in this chapter.  First, it’s way longer than my usual chapters.  I decided that it was more important to tell the entire bachelorette story in one chapter than to stretch it out.  Second, for the first time ever I’ve decided to make use of the rule that allows a free 24 hours with 250 whims completed.  Unfortunately, when I started up the game Jackie was 6 whims from the 250 so I had to waste time filling silly ones like buying then using a bubble blower before things could start.  Here’s the plan for the mini challenge:

  1. I switched Jackie to the Soulmate aspiration in hopes that she will get more romantic whims
  2. I created a club with the 5 bachelors in it so that they won’t leave when they are out somewhere.
  3. I found 3 places for them to visit throughout the day that are romantic.
  4. She will flirt and such with the 3 guys that she doesn’t already have a romance bar with until they all have equal ones.
  5. After that, she will only do specific romantic whims.  Anything that doesn’t specify who it is for will be canceled out.

Finally!  Let’s go…

Let the games begin!  They started the day for brunch at the Burning Love restaurant.  I didn’t have the forethought to check the guys formal wear before they started.  I will make note of all of the creators for the new venues at the end of this post.  Curtis is by far the most err eyecatching?  In that sparkling white suit.

At this point, she had invited all of the guys to the Bachelorette Club and they had cupid juice and bacon love petals to eat.

I searched the whole restaurant and couldn’t figure out where Curtis went to make him come back to the table in his bathing suit!  I guess he really didn’t want to wear the sparkly white suit anymore.

Jarrod the maid was taking forever finishing his food.  I was eager to get this all started and it was driving me nuts.

Time to get all the guys on equal footing.  She won’t get any romantic whims for them if they don’t have at least a little romantic relationship.  So it’s a few flirts with Robert.

They went to the next venue Pasión Caliente Nightclub and she stopped Bryce before he went in for some flirts of his own.

And last, she caught up with Curtis upstairs.

Going here was a mistake.  She just kept getting whims for dancing, watching the dj, listening to music, ect.

I thought maybe if they were all alone together in one place it might help.  But once they’d sat down they all got right back up again and I decided it was time to leave.

Off to the final venue.  The creator said it’s meant for nighttime romance and that was the plan but I decided to just go early and hope for the best.  It’s called Fidele Gardens.

Jackie had a few friendly whims for Curtis so I figured I’d take care of those while the others scattered.

Before long, they’d all congregated at the fire.

Heh, booty.

Then, Curtis decided to take a nap.

Jackie was getting hungry and I assumed the guys were too so she grilled up some sausage and peppers.

They all sat down to eat.  By this point, I was having flashbacks of Drifter house 007 doing the clicking through whims constantly in hopes that she’d get at least one for any of the guys.  Nada.  A few friendly whims for Curtis and that’s it.

I hadn’t been able to make it a club meeting because apparently this was categorized as a National Park.  Which was nice because nobody else visited it while they were there.  But at 11pm all of the guys stopped eating and went home.  Jackie sat by herself laughing maniacally.  Was this your plan all along Jackie?

When she got home this popped up.  Maybe it’s better that she showed no interest in Robert.

What’s going on you say?  Well, I was really bummed out when she got home last night.  I was thinking she’d wasted her free 24 hours on nothing.  Then, I realized what I’d just thought!  24 hours!  She hadn’t used them all yet!  She had taken part of the morning getting up to 250 whims.  So, early that morning she started a club gathering at Downtown Movie n Bowl.  After she got there she got this:

Which required a better relationship, hence the bold pickup line.

Hurrah!  Curtis was the only one she’d gotten whims for the day before too.  But they were all friendly whims so they didn’t count.

She hadn’t even finished kissing him yet!

I was so thrilled.  I think this is about the time that her 24 hours ran out and I couldn’t click out whims anymore.

She wanted to sing a duet so off they went.

Then Curtis said goodbye and left.

Darn!  Now we have to wait for 7pm!

She hung out with the three guys that were left.  Brett must have left for a job too.  I figured it was only fair to see if any other romantic whims popped up although I was pretty set on Curtis at this point.  None did and it looks like Robert is more interested in that girl anyway.

Then she wanted to be alone so she watched a movie upstairs.

Ever feel like death is stalking you?  On a side note: The convivial lot trait is terrible for this challenge.  Her mood kept switching back and forth between happy and confident before she could even do whatever the emotional whim was.

After going home and upping her needs and doing some boring whims she got a whim to kiss someone and finally, Curtis was off of work.  They went to the Yoga Retreat because I had some plans for later if things worked out like I hoped.

She wanted to go for a steam in the sauna and when that whim was completed she wanted to go on a date.  She asked Curtis and they stayed there for the date.

Yay!  Exactly what I was hoping for!

I hear it can help increase the chance of twins.

She also got this.

Here we go…

Oh no!

Dangit!  She’s too uncomfortable to even get another right now!

Skip ahead some.  They did most of the date requirements and she did some of the whims she got to get them out of the way. Things were fine and then she went to kiss him and he did this weird jerky pushing away thing…

Then this happened and I had to restart the game!  What the heck?

Getting back on track.

Boyfriend selfie!

After another massage that completed just before the date ended.

Obviously the sauna woohoo isn’t really something you want to take pics of.  Ohhh tons of steam how exciting, right?  Anyway, fast-forward. She had a whim for a kiss and then they each went home.

This popped up right before she left!

So there you have it, people!  It was teeth-grindingly annoying but Curtis ended up being the only real contender for Jackie’s heart. Now we have a baby (hopefully babies) on the way and a wedding to plan.  If you’re wondering why I want twins so bad it’s because in the last few generations it’s taken forever for the second try for baby whim and the kids are too far apart.  For example, Hanna still hasn’t aged to young adult yet so there’s no way I could have waited for her to be eligible as heir.  Now I’ve gotta remove the romantic relationships from all the other guys!

Note from the future: Editing this chapter I noticed something surprising.  Whenever Jackie and Curtis are together they’re next to each other!  At brunch, the table upstairs at the club, at the fire, and at the picnic table when they ate dinner!  I guess it just took them a day to warm up to the romantic stuff.

Chapter 5.6

Chapter notes:

Here’s a list of the venues featured in this chapter from start to finish:

Burning Love Restaurant by amesxoxo

Pasión Caliente Nightclub by Lithiarch (original by AshleyHammond)

Fidele Gardens by Missusplz

Downtown Movie n Bowl by YorkieOrigin -Featured previously

Yoga Retreat by EPaffrath -Featured previously

13 thoughts on “TS4- Whim Challenge 5.5: Jackie’s Bachelorette

        1. Ohhh! Evil is a trait. They have 3 traits unless the gain extras but those never change. Soul Mate is an aspiration. It’s like goals she can complete, I can switch aspirations around whenever I want.

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            1. Yea, but it’s cool that I have a reader that doesn’t play! I just have to sometimes remember to point stuff out that I wouldn’t normally. ^^

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  1. Ha! I knew Curtis was the guy! Interesting that they were trying to be near each other from the beginning of this stretch. Sometimes, you just can’t interfere with sim lurve.

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