TS4- Whim Challenge 5.6: Tying the Knot

Gen 5 Chapter 6

Before starting, I spent forever in manage worlds making sure everyone that would be invited to the wedding had decent formalwear. Then I had to wait for the family to wake up and get all of their needs up only to see this:

Argh!  Since she’d gotten a “get married” whim I forgot!

This was insane.  I had Jackie in a group and Brin in a group and they both kept having to “go here together” to try to round up the guests!  Finally, I just gave up.

She’s like can y’all pay attention, please?! We’re getting married here!

They’d barely finished the vows when Jackie ran away!

To throw up.  Poor girl.  Morning sickness on her wedding day.

I was amazed to discover that the caterer actually made a cake.

I guess I was really liking that dress.  I gave it to both Jackie and Hanna.  Oh well.

Everyone smiles when they see the bride and groom kissing.

Wedding selfie!

I don’t know if I want to get a musician the next wedding.  Everyone keeps running between here and the building.

Jackie wanted to woohoo so they snuck off to the observatory.

Jackie’s photography skill was high enough that she started getting a bunch of whims to take pictures.  Once they got home I bought her a camera.

Not the best selfie.


Curtis arrived home before everyone else.  He took the time to read all of the notes on the board.  Guess he’s trying to get to know his new family better.

Jackie’s first picture with her new camera.  The view from the office.  It’s beautiful!  It’s also my new desktop background.  I really do love the city.  Surprisingly more than the other neighborhoods in the game.

That girl’s insatiable!

The ending fireworks look really cool in a darkened room.

Then in the morning, it’s finally time for Hanna’s birthday!  I ended up buying a special table for the cake because it’s hard to take shots with that table near the wall.

So pretty!  I almost gave her this hair as a teen but it looked too mature.  I’m glad I remembered which to pick.

Surprise!  Originally, I had planned to have them go on a honeymoon alone using one of Pollyanna’s builds.  But the family hasn’t had much time together and it’s almost Justin’s time so I decided to use Bellguru’s build instead.  I’ll add the build info in the chapter notes!

Jackie starts off wanting to make an enemy.  I ended up losing interest though.  If she doesn’t lose the whim or if it pops up again she’ll have to invite the ranger over.

Everyone else dove into the pool.

Jackie hired a massage therapist.  I don’t think I’m going to bother with them for her anymore.  This is the second time she’s gotten uncomfortable from being massaged by a stranger.

Hanna had a whim to cook and Jackie was hungry so she stood nearby to wait.

Then Jackie, Curtis, and Hanna switched to the Outdoor Enthusiast aspiration to do a little fishing together.  They’re going to be there for most of Jackie’s pregnancy so you’ll get to see more of the vacation in the next chapter.

While cleaning up manage worlds I found this cutie and married her to Uriel!

Chapter 5.7

Chapter notes:

I didn’t plan to end with honeymoon/vacation pics but I didn’t take as many wedding pics as I’d anticipated.  I figured with so many sims being at the wedding I’d have tons.  I’m thinking if there’s another big family wedding like this I’m going to have to stage it. The problem is the mod I used to use is out of date.  At least it was last time I checked.  With it I could type in the sim’s names and some code and it added them to the family.  Maybe I could change the number of sims in a household using MC Command Center and then add them all to the household temporarily.  Usually, it was such a pain putting the other sims back in their houses I’d end up quitting without saving once the wedding pics were taken.  They were really good pics though.  I had weddings down pat at one time.

Some examples of staged weddings if you’re interested- The Ambrosia Challenge: Wedding Bells and Heart & Soul 2.1: The Weddings are the best ones I’ve done.  The second one took me the good part of a day.  Also, it’s amazing how emotional looking at those weddings got me!  After all of the frustration, I didn’t think I’d end up missing them!  Those are good examples of when I try to tell a story instead of just commentary.  

Build info: On Origin, it’s Tropical Hideaway by Bella_Lionheart.  You can watch the speed build too. Tropical Resort  I’ve been friends with Bellguru on Twitter for a long time now and love watching her builds on YouTube now that she’s doing those too.

3 thoughts on “TS4- Whim Challenge 5.6: Tying the Knot

  1. Thx so much for using my build in your blog that means a lot, I thought I was subbed to you already but i was not so i changed it. No need to sub back on WP I just made the account to follow others and leave comments💚

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    1. Thanks for reading! I had a lot of fun playing there. They’ll finish out their there vacation in the next chapter.


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