TS4- Whim Challenge 5.7: Ley Line Magic!

Gen 5 Chapter 6

Jackie enjoys a little solitude and the beauty of nature.

Khloe does a little painting.

Here’s how I solved the “3 couples” part of the vacation home.  It was quite easy actually.

Jackie started her third trimester while everyone is sleeping.  She’s huge!

She wanted to be alone yet again so did a little fishing.  I was going to have her do yoga but apparently, she can’t while pregnant.

I just kept checking in on everyone to see what they’re doing.  Looks like Curtis is getting to know his new cousins-in-law.  Is that a thing?

After painting Khloe did a little game playing.  It actually looks really cool on this PC.

Then she goes for a cooling swim.

Jackie returns from her fishing trip exhausted and takes a nap.

They just happened to hug in front of the mirror.  I love taking mirror shots.

Everyone but Jackie got sick on this trip!  I cheated and let them all take medicine so they could enjoy themselves.


A little playing around with the daughters.

She literally woke from her nap, went pee, and went back to sleep at the end of the bed.  Poor girl!

Awe these two are so sweet!  I’m wondering if sims can’t die on vacation?  Because it’s been awhile since they got the second notification for Justin.

Is it sympathy for his exhausted wife?

Perhaps not.  Khloe’s out for the count as well.  I decided to just send them all home.  Jackie would be going into labor in a few hours anyway.

The sisters relax in the hot tub.  Sometimes the best part of a vacation is getting home.  (This is also the point that I turned on that heater thingy… more on that later!)

Jackie and Curtis get a little woohoo in before bed.

Then the noise started.  Ah, apartment living.

Oh no!  Maybe I’m right about them not dying on vacation?  They weren’t home for more than a few hours.  Also, nice job Colin.  Just smile at him as he collapses onto the floor!

Oh yea, now you notice!  Okay, so this is the point I discover the little girl as well.  She came out of Colin’s apartment.

Everyone makes their way out to mourn the passing of our dear Justin.  He was first known as The Shirtless Not-Beiber but soon he won our hearts and Khloe’s as well.  He was a great husband and father and he loved to exercise above all else.  He’ll be dearly missed!

Grim makes his way into the apartment and starts acting crazy…

Apparently, he is!

Baby time!  I was feeling confident that we’d get twins so I bought two bassinets.  I almost forgot that the babies needed this room!

Holy ley line magic Batman!  Okay, so we know for sure without a doubt that the ley line house trait really does affect the number of babies born.  Because there’s no way she could have been pregnant with triplets before Justin passed on.

Baby number three ends up next to Brin’s bed.  Perhaps he’ll be her favorite?

Three baby boys!

It’s all hands on deck!

Okay, guys, I won’t lie.  I had to go back to the main menu and do it again.  I was writing the boys’ names down and realized that I’d given them horrible names.  But triplets were so unexpected and I didn’t have any names ready.  I was about to write them when I noticed they were all very very similar.  I’ve done that once before and it drove my readers nuts!  So I restarted… twice.  The first time I got 2 boys and a girl.  So without further ado: meet Jaiden, Quinten, and Kaeden!  Hopefully, those names are different enough to not confuse everyone including me!


Ohmygosh it was that darned heater I turned on earlier!  I had to teleport Curtis down to extinguish it since it’s on the deck the sprinklers won’t put it out.  Luckily nobody else woke up and ran around like maniacs!  Even though they weren’t aware of the fire they all still got the tense moodlet which seems kind of unnecessary.

A happy but extremely tired mom passes on the reigns to dad for awhile so she can get some much-needed sleep!

I know what you’re thinking!  But Rainy, who’s the little girl?

Apparently, little Adelynn was “adopted” into the Yin household.  What I didn’t mention earlier is that after she’d gone into the hallway to witness Justin’s death she became stuck out there.  I tried resetting her and it didn’t work.  She just stood there by the door not moving.  I even restarted the game.  Nada.  I went into manage worlds and there was a no parent error.  Which is weird because I didn’t get that error with Jackie.  The only thing I could assign was sister to Caitlyn but even that still gave the no parent error.  Then it assigned Caitlyn as Darren’s daughter!  Yes, it turns out that little Adelynn is Jackie’s niece!  For some reason, it didn’t show a mother for her even though she had to have just died very recently.  Okay, so I ended up having to recover the save to before I assigned Caitlyn as the sister.  Instead, I used MC Command Center to assign her as Adelynn’s mother.  That worked!  So as you can see from the new family tree Uriel’s new wife has a daughter with Jackie’s brother.  Whew!  How confusing is that?!

Chapter 5.8

Chapter notes:

At the time that this chapter is being published, I’ve already played out the triplets toddlerhood.  All I have to say is that you guys are going to love them!  It has been sooo difficult keeping this secret.  I did post the triple play pic on instagram even though I don’t really post stuff on there normally because I knew nobody that reads this blog follows me there.  This is my fourth set of triplets since Sims 4 came out.  My first was in my rotation, the Goth triplets.  The second and third were in my Heart & Soul legacy.  In some insane twist of simmy fate I was playing 2 households and both had triplets days apart from each other!  BUT these are my first since toddlers came out.  I’ve only had 1 set of twins since toddlers so triplets were unexpected and sooooo exciting!  I can’t wait for everyone to meet the boys!

6 thoughts on “TS4- Whim Challenge 5.7: Ley Line Magic!

  1. YaY! Triplets. I love the names! Blinks on the having a child with Jackies brother. I stay confused, but still love reading all this. I can’t help but think how many hours you spend on this. Wait! I’m good not knowing.

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