TS4- Whim Challenge 5.8: Triple the Trouble

Gen 5 Chapter 8

Look at that little 3!  How cool is that?  Yes, the littlest things entertain me.

Jackie’s like “Yea sure, now you show up!”  It was the only time that everyone crowded to the nursery at once and it was just for one dirty diaper.

I was wondering where Curtis was at and found him in the hallway chatting with Uncle Colin.

Wow, that grill is disgusting!  I’m not sure you want to eat those hamburgers, yuck!

Finally a good pic of Uriel’s new wifey Caitlyn.  Isn’t she gorgeous?  Now you can see why I had to add her to the family!

Daddy juggling the triplets.

Hanna brought her food in there and just stood there eating.

Which gave me the idea of adding a couch in there.  Doesn’t it match that carpet perfectly?  It has the added bonus of being a nice napping spot.  Jackie spent the night there.

Looks like Curtis is going to take over from Justin working out all the time.

Khloe finally got her last masterpiece and completed the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration.  I thought this painting was really cool so I stuck it in the boys’ room.

This popped up soon after.  It’s so sad.

Ohmygosh Uncle Colin no!  He overworked himself on the workout equipment!  Why did we agree to workout?!

On one hand, it was good only Brin and Jackie noticed Colin’s demise.  On the other hand, they just got over Justin’s death!

Grim watches tv and chats with Jackie after the reaping.

All hands on deck!  The light coming in the windows makes the two bassinets closest to them look yellow.

Here we go again.  More sadness whims.

Jackie’s brother Donnie called her and then the gossip thing popped up.  I looked in the family tree and she’s Darren’s daughter. Maybe she got in trouble at school or something?  This is the first time I’ve seen this and thought it was really cool.

Oh no Khloe!  Step away from the workout equipment!

Looks like April is the only keyholder left kicking.  Geeze I just got her off of the treadmill don’t kill her from embarrassment!

Brin does her baby duty after getting home from work.  She’s in the Comedian branch of her career now.

Then, the ladies do a little baby overtime to let the parents get some rest.

Soon enough, it’s morning and time to age up the triplets.  Makeover time!

What you need to remember: Red is Jaiden, green is Quinten, yellow is Kaeden.  It took forever to get them all situated in their high chairs!







Pre-makeover pjs.  Made me laugh!

All of the gifts they received in the mail!

Quinten gets in trouble with daddy right away making a mess with his food.

What were you doing in the bathroom boy?

I know I always talk about cuteness overload with toddlers.  But three toddlers at once?  There are no words!

That’s also three toddlers to follow the whims of too!

He might have gotten in trouble in the high chair but he’s the only one that didn’t use his diaper for potty.  Yay Quinten!

Oh no!  It’s Jaiden, the wild child!

Hanna and Brin teach dancing while Quinten watches Jaiden.

Clingy Kaeden wanted grandma to read him and story and the other two joined listening in.

Suddenly both Jaiden and Kaeden needed to potty and eat.  Khloe fed Quinten while the others were potty trained then tucked him into bed.  Jaiden was not pleased with Hanna for putting off his meal for potty time.

With Kaeden tucked in it’s sweet relief.  This was only one day of toddlers and it was exhausting… for me!  I do love it though.

Chapter 5.9

4 thoughts on “TS4- Whim Challenge 5.8: Triple the Trouble

  1. Love the glasses with PJ’s! In the pop up, Run, Run, Run, at the bottom it says 3 hours. Does that mean the it lasts for 3 hours?

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