TS4- Whim Challenge 5.9: Triple the Fun?

Gen 5 Chapter 9

Just thought this looked cool with the triplets.

Hanna was still awake so she took care of little Kaeden when he woke up.

It looks like they’re sharing a plate.  Jackie’s still sad over Colin’s death if you’re wondering.

Everybody’s waking up.  Time to take care of all those needs!

Wow Quinten, you’re hungry!

Mom gives Jaiden a bath…

Dad gives Kaeden a bath.

After his bath Kaeden joins Khloe and Hanna for breakfast.

I forgot to have Jackie bring Quinten back downstairs after his bath.  I guess the toilet is the only way to entertain himself up there.

No!  Go away!  We don’t want you here!  *sigh*

Yes, you guessed it.  First, there was the sadness from Justin, then there was the sadness with Colin, now it’s the sadness from Khloe!  I’m going to miss her like crazy.  She was my first toddler after all!  But dang, Jackie’s been sad for like a week now!  I did decide to leave Khloe’s urn out.  If I get too annoyed having two ghosts I’ll put it in the inventory with all of the others.  Luckily, the triplets only got short sad moodlets, like 12 hours or something.

Khloe’s completed lifetime whims…

Look at her satisfaction points!  And that’s with buying some traits too!

Jaiden and Quinten are looking at Kaeden like “What are you smiling about?”  I have no idea why his happiness was overpowering his sadness here but it didn’t last.

Hanna decides to cheer up Quinten.  Jarrod the maid just stood around looking angry and not cleaning anything.  I ended up cheating to make him leave because it was annoying me.

Jaiden had looked so sad watching Hanna and Quinten that I had Brin play with him too.  For some odd reason, she got into the hot tub and then got out before playing.

Kaeden’s turn!  Grim just stood there watching them and then poofed.

While Hanna and Brin are keeping the toddlers busy you might be wondering what Jackie was doing?  Of course, there’s a racket from the other apartment!  Like we didn’t have enough to deal with right now!

All of the kids are now angry.  Which means acting out.  Quinten started making a mess and was not happy when Jackie expressed her disappointment in him.

Brin asked Jaiden what he wanted and he said a hug and then when she went to give him one he decided he didn’t want one after all.  His face is so funny!

Enough of this!  Everyone’s emotions are running high.  The triplets needed to get over their anger moodlets and the adults needed to work on their needs and some of their sadness whims.

It’s not long before they’re awake again, though.

I thought this was hilarious!  Triple the potty training!

What a mess!

I looked into the hallway and saw Adelynn kneeling next to a pile of trash.  No clue what that’s about but she looks shifty to me.

Daddy gets home from work just in time to help top the toddler’s needs off before they go off to bed.

Are you freaking kidding me right now!?!

Jaiden and Quinten were sleeping!  Brin was just reading Kaeden to sleep and they would have been down for the night.  Twice in one day?  What the heck?  Don’t they know we’re mourning over here?

Poor Brin, look at her face!

Luckily, once the noise was taken care of, the toddlers were tucked back into bed and slept through the night.  Jaiden still needs potty help and was not eager for that help making mommy mad.  I have a feeling these two are going to clash.

Ugh.  Since Jarrod the maid didn’t do his job the day before and everyone’s been too busy with the triplets to autonomously clean the place is a disaster!

Poor mommy!  She doesn’t even have time to go pee!  I would have just dragged food out for him but there wasn’t any in the fridge so she had to use the high chair.

Quinten plays with the tablet while Jaiden talks to him.  Watching these kids interact is so fun.

I was wondering what was going on.  Apparently, they sat that way to eat after barbecuing something and got stuck that way!  I had to reset both of them.

Finally, Jarrod is here!  Geeze Hanna, are you ever going to change out of your pjs?  He’s totally checking her out!

Yuck, that doesn’t look like much fun at all!  At least all three can use the potty now without help.  That makes things much easier.

Chapter 5.10

Chapter notes:

If you’re wondering about the chapter title, I had planned all along to title it Triple the Fun.  Then Khloe died and eh, not so fun, right? So I added the “?” at the end.  Once again, the triplets were exhausting.  Especially with everyone depressed.  I’m barely getting a chance to work on any of Jackie’s whims because she hasn’t had any for the kids and taking care of them is a full-time job.  Curtis and Brin are only there part time because they both have jobs.  I’d planned for Hanna to get a job too but she’s needed much more helping the kids right now.  I’m so glad I color-coded the boys!  Otherwise, I wouldn’t know who is who!  I have a feeling the poor kids are going to be stuck with red, green, and yellow for the rest of their lives!  Oh, and I can’t believe how many chapters there are in this generation already!  One more toddler chapter after this.

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