TS4- Whim Challenge 5.10: Too Much Toddlering

Gen 5 Chapter 10

Three and a half days to go until the triplets age up to children.  I decided no matter what that this would be the last toddler chapter so I didn’t take a whole lot of screenshots despite the number of days.

Saya finally aged to an elder.  She actually looks better as an elder in my opinion.

Kaegan wanted to play with mommy.

Quinten’s sleep schedule got completely messed up and he’d be awake half of the night while his brothers slept.  He seems to really like reading books.

I’ve been trying not to control the adults much while the kids don’t need them so they’ll autonomously clean.  This apartment is totally trashed most of the time!

See?  Quinten is awake again!  He kept getting nightmares.  I’d let the adults sleep and just follow whatever whims he had until he could sleep again.

Kaegan wanted a hug from Hanna and for some odd reason, they went into the hallway to hug.

And so it begins.  I swear the last few days I never noticed this.  Not until now…

It’s the darned evil trait!  I totally forgot that they will do this.  I was constantly stopping her from being mean to all three of the boys but she still ended up with only like half a relationship bar with them despite being their main caregiver!

Another thing that was driving me nuts?  The neighbor noise!  I swear normally it’s once or twice a week.  Since they had the toddlers it has been once or twice a day!

Back to bed you hooligans!

Both Kaegan and Jaiden woke not too much after that with nightmares and woke up Hanna.  I couldn’t figure out why they didn’t wake their parents and then realized I’d locked their door a long time ago because of Jackie’s loner trait.

Mom being mean again making Kaegan cry.  I can’t even put into words how upsetting this was having her do this constantly.

Luckily Curtis had a long weekend and was able to give more attention to the boys.

So sweet!

Geeze, I guess I took a lot of “mean” shots.

Kaegan was asking for a book.  Quinten was probably working on his low thinking skill on the tablet, which is why he kept having nightmares.

Hahaha!  That face!

Gotta grab a little romance when ya can with this many kids!

I was like what the heck?  It’s Aadhya!  Remember she died down on the street?

And speaking of dying!  When the camera jerked down to the street it freaked me out big time but what a great pic!  Oh, and sorry about the landlord too I guess.

Kaegan’s thinking skill was at like 88% and it was the night before their birthday so daddy and Hanna helped him with shapes on the blocks so all of his skills would be over 3.  The other boys already were over 3, they kept getting whims for the tablet though and Kaegan rarely did.

I don’t think I’ve been so grateful to see a ghost before!  It was the night before their birthday and I wanted to let everyone sleep so I could get them up early for cake.  First Quinten and then Jaiden woke up hungry.  Luckily they were able to ask Khloe for food.  Also, doesn’t this pic look like she’s kissing his forehead?

Well boys, what do ya think?  Time to sell all of this toddler stuff and get on with the cake?

First up is Jaiden!

Next is Quinten!

Last is Kaeden!

I have no idea why it shows the “bonus trait” thing for only Quinten because they all got one.

Well, there are our boys!  Jaiden is lazy.  Quinten is a bookworm, no surprise there.  Kaeden is creative.  All three so handsome!

A/N: I re-did the upstairs before I started playing out this chapter but it seemed to me that pics of their future space would be weird at the beginning…

I left the bedroom itself kinda bare because at that point I didn’t know what their traits would be and I wanted to get a better feel for them as individuals first.  Behind the camera is just a dresser with a few things on it and the closet.  I was shocked when I was almost done with all of it to realize they were almost out of money!  I must have spent at least $7,000!

Chapter 5.11

Author note:

This is the last chapter I have pre-written for this story.  I guess I needed a break from it but hopefully, I’ll have more posts soon!  If you have any ideas of fun things for the boys to do when I start back up let me know.

10 thoughts on “TS4- Whim Challenge 5.10: Too Much Toddlering

  1. Hey, totally enjoying your blog. Your exploration of the game is a lot of fun to read. I’m just an average Simmer, been playing since iteration 1, but even at my most obses–I mean committed–I never played to this depth.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Wow, thanks. I mostly goofed around until I found the legacy challenge when I was playing Sims 3. Since then I’ve done challenges in all 4 games and wrote my goofy little stories about them. Glad you’re enjoying them!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Mine was before toddlers, and she was awful to her spouse and kids all through their lives,. She was a spare , so I moved her and her family out, hoping she’d be kinder autonomously . She wasn’t . But FloorRaisin’s Cooper was also evil (and family oriented ) and she was generally kind to her spouse and kids…

        Liked by 1 person

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