TS4- ISBI Challenge 4.3: Moving… Again

Gen 4 Chapter 3

Soooo it’s been over 6 months since I’ve played this family!  I was a little surprised when I started it up and they were all dressed up still from the wedding.

Branden went right in and took a nap so I decided to let him sleep instead of getting to the baby making.

While he was napping Jaci practiced piano.  She’s in the entertainer career and has the musical genius aspiration.

While she was playing I started looking around.  The apartment they were in was really cool… but super small.  What on earth was I thinking?  There was just a little room for kids.  Like, room enough for their beds and not much else.  So I spent forever finding a new apartment.  This is the spot that my whim family was in last generation and I really like it.  Sadly, I forgot to write down who created it! No tour this time.  I was feeling lazy.

When I was thinking about starting this challenge back up I remembered the 5 points for immortalizing the torch holder.  I used Tess’s one free action to paint a portrait of Jaci.

I stuck Jaci’s sister Lina and her hubby in the apartment next door.  This is my favorite part of apartment life.  Well, maybe it’s tied between that and the views.

Baby making time!  Oh, and those 4 small paintings on the wall?  The founder Janie Zanie painted them!

The portrait was finished while they tried for a baby.  I think it came out good.

Success!  Baby #1 on the way.

Branden seems happy.  Also, isn’t he such a cutie?  I hope the babies get some of those adorable genes.

Jaci took a bath to get playful for work and ended up hysterical!

While Jaci was working her family hung out in the hallway talking.  Poor Branden is sick for like the rest of this chapter.

Jaci gets home from work and I’m shocked at how huge her first-trimester belly is!

Ummm Branden?  There’s a bed like right there.  Geeze.

Dad can’t wait for Jaci to cook eggs so he makes some ice cream instead.  Which starts the whole nobody-eats-anything-but-ice-cream trend.

Lani and Talon were supposed to come over for the welcome wagon.  They stood in the hallway talking while holding fruitcake until it was over.  While she was in the hallway the day before I used MC Command Center to get Lina preggers too.

Mom got sick too and playful so she played a little Don’t Wake the Llama.

*sigh* Lani and Talon were up to a little fun while Jaci was at work and I couldn’t do anything about it.  I knew this would happen but oh well.

Jaci starts a Major Chords club meeting and they jam out.  She seriously got two levels of the piano while they were there!

Third-trimester belly.  She’s freaking huge.

Lina hangs out with dad in the hallway telling jokes and making faces.

Lina had her baby first for some reason.

Tess autonomously painted.  After I sold it I ended up having to buy an emergency toilet for Jaci for practically the same price since hers was broken and she was about to pee herself.

Look at that second-trimester belly!

Tess needed logic skill for her next promotion at work so I had Jaci trick her into playing together and then she stopped but mom kept on and finished the level.  I think she might just be the first non-torchholder that gets to the top of her career.  She’s at level 7 of the painting career now.

See?  She kept on playing chess.

Baby time!  I put in the ley line trait earlier but it didn’t even light up.  Oh well.  I was too lazy to set up a nursery so I just stuck a bassinet into an open space between the kitchen and dining room.

It’s a boy!  We haven’t had a boy since Robbie Tess’s brother.  His name is Kyler.  Later I remembered that I used that name in the last generation of Heart & Soul but I figured since that Kyler wasn’t the heir there’s no reason to change it.

For your entertainment: Branden got freaked by mopping a puddle.

Chapter 4.4 coming soon!

Chapter notes:

ISBI is back!  So here’s my request to all of you… if you have a build or know of a build that would be fun for them to visit let me know.  This is the save that I check out builds in if you didn’t know.  Obviously not residential but anything else is up for grabs!

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