TS4- Xenophilia Challenge Ch 11: Leaving

Chapter 11

A/N: For those of you who read my Alien Adoption story you know that Brian is the human son of Lazlo Curious.  You also know that Lazlo and all of Brian’s alien siblings just disappeared one day.  What you don’t know is why and where they went.  Now you will…

The night after his daughter Celeste aged to a young adult and walked through the portal into the alien world he was waiting to become beamed up into the ship again like he has been nine times since arriving at this house on his 21st birthday.  Instead he heard a knock at the door.

Before he could say anything she struck.

Lazlo invited the kind lady in and asked her to have a seat.

She explained to him what a wonderful idea it is for him and his children to move to the alien planet.  She told him they wouldn’t be allowed to bring any humans with them.  Only him and the five kids could make the trip.  Thrilled, Lazlo agreed.

He stood at the door waving and watching the nice lady leave.

Then he came inside and tried to decide what needed to be done before the next night when they were to be beamed to their new home.

He snapped out of his stupor when Zeke didn’t act excited about the news at all.

Zeke told his father he’d obviously been mesmerized.  There’s no way he would have agreed to leave his girlfriend and human children here!

Heartbroken and finally feeling like himself again Lazlo asks Zeke to wake the rest of the kids so he can tell them the news.

None of the other children took the news any better than Zeke did.  Galaxy would have been leaving soon anyway but now she wouldn’t have time to say goodbye to her friends before leaving.

They spent most of the day preparing for their move.  Lazlo didn’t feel right about lying to his girlfriend Ruby but there was no other option.

He told her that he and the children were leaving immediately for business and that he couldn’t tell her where they were going.

He told her he would always love her.

She begged him not to go.  She begged him to take her with them.

It was killing him inside having to do this to them.  In his long life he’d finally fallen in love and now he’d gone and gotten himself mesmerized and tricked into leaving her.  He told her there’s nothing he can do that it’s not his choice but he doesn’t have any options.

And then he walked away to gather the children.

When they made their way over to Brian and Daisy’s house to say goodbye Zeke got angry.  After Rocket left Zeke was the only child from their house to be friends with Brian.  None of them really knew Daisy well since she was mean as a child.  Zeke told his father that it wasn’t fair to Brian to lie like he’d done with Ruby.  So instead of making up a lie they decided it was better for them to say nothing.

Even more heartbroken than before, the family headed to the portal to their new home.

Brian could have sworn that he’d heard voices outside of his house but when he went outside he didn’t see anyone.  Everything was eerily quiet.

Looking towards his father’s house he realized that everything was dark.  At least one of his many siblings were always awake this time of night and there were always lights on in there.

When nobody answered his knock he let himself in.  The house was quiet as a tomb.

The usually messy kitchen was perfectly clean.  He looked through the house and saw no sign of his father, brothers, or sisters.  He did notice that some of their things appeared to be missing.

He ran back home and told his mother and sister.  Daisy just rolled her eyes and told him she didn’t know why he bothered trying to hang out with those freaks.  His mother told him it was no big loss that his father was a jerk anyway and his kids were all strange.

Speaking of strange.  The rest of the Curious family arrived in the new alien world.  Some things were exactly the same as their old world but the buildings were very different.

They were beamed down in front of a house.  The lawn had weird stuff sticking out of the ground.  They all looked around feeling lost and confused.

They were about to explore their new house when that woman that had mesmerized Lazlo showed up!  Everyone was really angry. She said there was one more thing they needed to know.  In their old world, the children couldn’t assume their alien forms for fear of detection.  On their alien planet though, they would not be able to leave the house wearing the disguises they’d been wearing their whole lives.  They would have to assume their alien forms to fit into their native culture and avoid harassment from the other aliens.

The children were all furious.  Lazlo was even more upset.  He had ruined everyone’s lives.  Even if he hadn’t done it intentonally.

Marina stood watching the family file into their new house.  She wondered, not for the first time if they had made the right decision to move the most promising breeders to the home planet.  Shaking off her melancholy she moved on to the next house to greet the fathers there.  Lazlo was the only one with a large family.  They’d planned the move so that most of the men would be between children.

Bonus bloopers…

Some of you might not know that I had thought this save game was lost forever when I started the Alien Adoption story with Brian and his adopted alien son Rocket.  I actually used pictures of Lazlo’s teen son Brian to recreate him.  I got the hair and eye color right.  The nose is close but the skin tone and mouth are way off.  So I decided to replace the actual Brian with the Brian we all know. I aged him down and changed his clothes giving him the hat that the actual Brian wore.

Another surprise.  I don’t remember Brian having a younger sister.  She’d just aged to teen.  She has the mean and kleptomaniac traits.  Since it seems strange that Brian has never mentioned her in Alien Adoption I decided that she ran away.  If anyone would like to play her in a Runaway Teen or something the gallery link is in the chapter notes.

When I was having the family make their dramatic exit I realized that when I removed original Brian from the household I did not remove Rocket.  He came toddling out of the house after his grandfather, uncles, and aunts!

I had to redirect the family into the other direction and turn the camera so that he was hidden in the pic.  But I thought it would be funny to take one with him in it so you could see.

When I was trying to decide how I wanted to position the camera for the shot of Brian looking at the house I noticed something weird in the background.  It’s Caleb Vatore!  What on earth?  I ended up having to move Brian into the other house so that I could turn the lights off and have him go inside.  And so that’s the end of the bloopers.  Hope you enjoyed them.

Extra Chapter 

Chapter notes:

If you never read the original story or you did and can’t remember who anyone is because it’s been so long don’t worry the previous chapters were mostly confusing other than the storyline about Lazlo learning what his fate was, dealing with it and falling in love with Ruby.  I’m really excited to restart this challenge!  I can’t believe my luck in recovering not only this save that I thought was lost forever but also the score sheet I was using to track their progress.

I was inspired to restart this challenge by Anchesenamon’s alien world creations that you can see in the overview of the families neighborhood.  It’s actually the same neighborhood but their house is next door to the house they lived in before on the lot Brian’s family lived on.  I’m going with the whole parallel universe concept.  The world is exactly the same but the buildings are alien.  I already put Lazlo’s girlfriend Ruby in the gallery here if anyone wants to mend her broken heart.  I’ve also put his daughter Daisy on the gallery here.  She’d be great for a Runaway teen challenge or YOTO challenge.  I aged her down even though she only had one day into teen.  Please let me know if you use either one of them and I’ll link to your post.

When I went to restart the challenge I was going to tell the challenge creator about my alien world idea only to realize that the original post hasn’t been updated in over two years and it’s been over a year since there had even been a post in the thread.  So I decided to update the rules.  You can find them here.

In addition to a bunch of Anchesenamon’s aliens I added some other aliens that I saw when I was looking for other fathers for Lazlo’s neighborhood.  One is Saturno by xBihzx and the other is Cyrus by EuphorialQueen.  Two of the fathers were my creations made for a few friends’ Drifter Challenge house 007 competitions.  One is my sim that was in my failed Drifter house 006 that got abducted and had twins forcing me to restart the challenge since it left no space in the house for an heir.  One is a sim that Meggles87 found in her Robinson neighborhood that we thought had interesting features for a townie named Aubrey Haas.  The last two are Peter Rogers by illusie and Jai Kapur by missmel11292.

8 thoughts on “TS4- Xenophilia Challenge Ch 11: Leaving

  1. Caleb, the feck are ye doing in that mask? Not incognito at all. This was… really sad. I’m going to have to go and read the story this started in, because yikes. Tricked into leaving everything they knew and loved? Now that’s just cruel. Bad Marina (even if she does have a lovely name).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t decided if Marina has any nefarious plans for the “human” men that are living in their new neighborhood or not. The original story is a bit scattered but you’ll get the gist of it… I just didn’t do a very good job with taking pics of the kids and stuff.

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