TS4- Xenophilia Challenge Extra: Alienizing and Impregnating

Extra Bonus Chapter

Just to let you know off the bat, this isn’t a chapter.  This is just an extra bonus whatever because I spent WAY too much time and had WAY too much fun getting more things set up.  First!  I wanted to show you the kids room.  Yup.  I mean, at some point I plan to redecorate and put some stuff in there for them.  But see those two “rugs” there?  Nope.  Not rugs!  They go in there to sleep!  You can find them here: Rabbit Hole Rugs.  Big thanks to NewOne for creating something so awesome that solved all of my space vs money to purchase issues!  I mean, I had money from whatever Lazlo made off of his books and whatever the old house was worth but the houses in this neighborhood are pretty expensive.  I did lower the cost about $40,000 by selling and replacing the computer, fridge, and stove and a few other expensive items.  So if you decide to use one of these houses check it in build mode through manage worlds before you move them in!

Guess what kids?  It’s alien makeover time!  Don’t give me those faces teens.  Rules are rules.

Galaxy was first.  When I started downloading alien CC I was keeping track of the creators but after awhile I forgot but if there’s something, in particular, you want to know who made let me know and I can look.

Next was Zeke.  I was quite aggravated that the only CC I could find for males is just a modification of the space suit.

And then we have Cosmo.

Our evil child Sirius.

And last, our only girl child, and also the only blue-skinned child Venus.  I think if I remember correctly I’d cheated using MCCC and killed the last pollinator because I was sick of having green kids!

Here they are.  For some reason, the way they’re looking at each other reminds me of The Brady Bunch.

(Wow I didn’t know I could add gifs!)

The kids left for their first day at the “new” school and Lazlo was writing a book… so I started watching the street.  First I saw Aubrey Haas.  He’s from Meg’s Robinson’s neighborhood.  The son of Maaike.  So I quickly flagged him for no marriage, can only be impregnated and promptly did an alien pregnancy and changed the trimester.  *happy sigh*  I love MC Command Center.

My first victim!  I once again turned to my trusty mod to alien-ize this poor unknowing sim and force him out of his disguise.  He didn’t even see it coming!

I had quite a lot of fun with it.  Also, it was really weird, even though I have all of my CC marked that randoms can’t use it when I forced them out of their disguises they all wore the CC stuff I just downloaded.

That is Peter Rogers.  Created by illusie.  Bam boom impregnated!

Why hello there sir would you mind if I just… oh you’re too busy looking at your phone anyway… boom!  Alien!

This one is one of my creations.  I think it’s Warren Russo.

And another of the dads… I believe this is Jai Kapur by missmel11292.

Uh what?  That was unexpected.  I ended up having to go out of game into Sims 4 Studio and find the hair.  It was marked “feminine” but it was also flagged for human and alien so I guess that was why?

With that taken care of, I went back to alienizing more sims!

Wow.  Just wow.  Takes a confident man to wear a belly shirt and bell bottoms.  But sorry dude you’re getting alienized!

I saw these two out here talking so I thought Lazlo should meet them.

Hello, fellow dads!  LOL  Aubrey seems waaay too happy.

Then he met a couple more of the guys.  This one on the right is the other I’d made.  Trent Wallis I think?

Ha!  Yea, when I was moving them I realized that somehow in all of my botched attempts to get him abducted and pregnant in the last chapter before I quit I somehow succeeded!

Woopsie!  We weren’t supposed to alienize you, sorry about that dude.

It’s Carlo!  From my Drifter house 006 fail!  You can read about the birth of the twins here.

There they are!  Such cuties.

I sent Lazlo over to meet them.  And then it occurred to me!  A neighborhood full of alien toddlers means alien toddler play dates!!! The twins names are Andromeda and Orion.  Lazlo has used Orion before.  It was his second alien child’s name.

I have no idea what he was doing out here but it was hilarious!  It was like this little spin dance.  He’s sooo happy to have been abducted to an alien planet!  His life must have been really dull before this.

Technically this is the same save so I guess I can expect more of these.

And then my fun was ruined with the realization that I need to re-do my score sheet.

Chapter 12

Chapter notes:

I did update the score sheet.  I also played another day or so and updated the rules… Xenophilia Challenge Rules.  There’s a link to my Dropbox where you can get a copy of the sheet there too.  I ended up using MC Command Center to make all of the ghosts in Lazlo’s relationship panel forget him because all of the calls and texts were annoying.

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