TS2- Curiouser & Curiouser Ch 1: Lazlo and Sasha

**This story is something I played in the Sims 2.  For whatever reason, even though I was very attached to this family, I barely had any screenshots at all.  Mostly just birthdays.  But since I use this story as the origins of the Lazlo in Something Strange and Brian and Rocket in The Curious Brothers I thought I should move the story from my old Blogger blog to this one as sort of a history of the other stories.  I am considering playing more of this story at some point as well.

Sasha Raines and her pug Frank arrived in Strangetown on a mission.  Sasha is a paranormal investigator and has moved here to investigate the Curious family who’ve been rumored to have ties with alien kind.  What she didn’t expect was to fall in love with Lazlo Curious!

After getting to know Lazlo she confesses her undying love for him…

…and asks him to marry her.

The couple, along with Frank, moved to a new home to start their lives together.  Soon, Sasha was pregnant with their first child!

She didn’t want to be huge and pregnant on her wedding day so they invited Lazlo’s brothers Pascal and Vidcund for a small at home wedding.

And so the lovebirds were wed.

Lazlo thought it would be cool if they were pregnant at the same time so he signaled to some aliens.

The aliens were happy to comply with Lazlo’s request.

With Lazlo’s consent to be impregnated, he arrived home a bit uncomfortable.

Sadly, shortly after Lazlo’s own pregnancy began to show, his wife Sasha had a miscarriage.  This made them even more excited about the alien child’s arrival.

The baby boy was named Nebula.

After months of being unable to conceive with Sasha Lazlo decided that it would just have to be alien children for them and signaled again.

Chapter 2

Chapter notes:

I took out my talk of CC and mods and added in more of the background that I’ve created for them since I’d stopped playing this. This fits better into the events that take place in Something Strange and The Curious Brothers.  Unfortunately, when I was playing this I didn’t really bother to do much more than screenshot events like marriages and birthdays so the following two chapters are quite boring.

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