TS2- Curiouser & Curiouser Ch 2: The Growing Family

**A/N: This is an old story that I’m moving from my Blogger site.  At the time this was written I didn’t take very many screenshots because I was just basically documenting the special events in my sim’s lives.  It’s pretty boring but since this is the origin story for my Something Strange and The Curious Brothers stories I wanted to move it here…

Lazlo was pregnant again and Nebula aged to a toddler.

This time it’s a girl with alien eyes, Jupiter.

Jupiter ages to toddler and check out that baby bump on Sasha!  Soon after Jupiter’s birth, there was a surprise pregnancy!

Nebula aged to child.

I had a heck of a time getting a pic, this is through a window.  He’s a boy, Jasper.

Jasper ages to toddler and yes Sasha is pregnant again!

Jupiter ages to child.  She’s pretty but has a weird nose.

Twins are born!  A girl, Danielle and a boy Dillan.

Jasper ages to child.  He seems very excited about it.

First Danielle ages to toddler…

…then Dillan.

Lastly Nebula ages to a teen.

Chapter 3

Chapter notes:

Apparently, when I was playing this I wasn’t doing birthday cakes or anything.  I guess I must have started that with my Awesimsauce story.  Just one more chapter that was written and it’s even more boring than this! 

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