TS4- AfterTime Intro: When Worlds Collide

AfterTime Rotation one… Meet the residents 

On Their Own Chapter 4

Robinson Legacy Chapter 4.20

The Duo’s Dives Chapter 5

Curses Chapter 4.13

Introducing: Noble, Blackburn, Trevino, The Barracks, and The Officers

When Ace saw that Nico seemed to be having some kind of problem getting their train tickets to the city he went over to find out what was going on.

“The conductor here tells me that we’re lucky.  He says that we got the last train from Granite Falls.  He also says that there aren’t any trains going anywhere but to Windenburg!”

“How are we supposed to go back to Windenburg with our family there?” Ace asked.

“Sorry boys!  No more trains to anywhere but Windenburg since it happened!” the friendly conductor announced.

“It? What is he talking about?” Nico mumbled to Ace.

“That little miss out there just barely caught the last train from Willow Creek!” the conductor continued.

“C’mon let’s see who the little miss is.  Maybe she has some answers,” Nico said ignoring whatever the cheerful conductor was babbling on about.

The confused boys sat down next to the girl and she sadly looked up at them.

“Hi, I’m Nico and this is my brother Ace.  Can you tell us what happened?  Why aren’t there any more trains?”

“I have no idea what happened!” the girl began, “everyone just keeps saying it happened but nobody ever says what!  All I know is that I was supposed to take my cousins with me.  I waited at the mansion but nobody brought the kids to me so I went looking for them but I couldn’t find anyone!  There was nobody anywhere I went!  I was so freaked out that I almost missed the last train here!  I’m Quinn by the way, Quinn Jones.”

“Someone must know what happened surely,” Nico said once the girl had stopped to take a breath.

While the boys discussed the situation and tried to decide where they would stay when they got back to Windenburg Quinn burst into tears babbling about being an embarrassment to her family.

Then the conductor came out to tell them it was time for the train to Windenburg to leave.  “Now, when we get there I’ll take you kids straight to the military building.  All refugees must report to the military building to make their appointments,” he stated confusing the teens even more.

And that’s just what he did.  “Here we are children.  Now you just go on in there and tell them who you are and where you’re from.  They’ll set you up with a place to stay until your appointments,” he said and then turned and walked away.

“Well, we might as well go in.  Now that I see how much things have changed we need to find out what’s happened to our family,” Ace said.

“Are you kidding me?” said Quinn.  “There’s no way that I’m going in there and getting a hand out from some rich family!  I’m a Jones. We are the rich family… or we were.  I was.  Wait?  I had parents, didn’t I?”

While Quinn pondered what had happened to her family or if she had a family at all the boys grew impatient to discover what happened.  “We have to go inside,” Nico tried to tell her but she wouldn’t listen.

And so, the trio parted ways.  Two deciding they’ve got nothing left to lose and one feeling too proud to ask for help.

When the boys walked inside Nico saw movement out of the corner of his eye.  It’s their dad!

Moose ran over and gave both of the boys hugs.  So relieved to have them back home after worrying about them for the past week.

“Dad, I don’t understand,” Nico began.  “Why are you here?  The train conductor said this was a military building.  What happened? Nobody seems to know!”

“It… happened.  Nobody really knows what it was but it wiped out all of the buildings in all of the neighborhoods!  Willow Creek, Oasis Springs, even here in Windenburg!  Nothing was left.  Though I did hear rumors that there was one place… that’s beside the point.  Whatever it was it left us all homeless.  Many sims were lost when it happened too.  It was decided that everyone should regroup here in Windenburg.  We decided to start rebuilding here.  Everything was chaos so I helped form a military.  Those of us who have the means donated our money to build schools and to give a stipend to the homeless so they can rebuild.  That’s why I was here,” Moose finally finished.

“Maybe we can sneak up on your mom…”

“Hey honey!  Look behind you!”

Baylee gasped and grabbed both boys into hugs.  Everyone was so relieved that they’d returned home!

Quinn had listened when those boys were talking about places they could stay here in Windenburg.  She’d have to get a tent somehow but for now, this would work.  She lit the bonfire at the little overlook to cast away the shadows and climbed into the makeshift tent to try and sleep.

In the morning everyone showed up for their appointments.

First was Lark and Joi Noble.  “Your request to be given guardianship of your niece even though you are only a teen has been granted.  You will receive $27,000 and a plot of land to start over on.  You are to marry.  If you have not chosen a partner by your young adult birthday one will be assigned to you.  Good luck.”

Next was Brody Lo and his cousin Tonya Underwood.  “I loved your restaurant,” Kellie gushed.  “I hope your new one is even better! You are to receive $33,000 and a plot of land to start over on.   Brody, you may stay single.  Tonya, you are to marry a sim named Deangelo Gallardo at the refugee camp later today.  Good luck!”

“We didn’t need anyone to tell us who to marry did we Zhang?” Kumiko gushed.

“Kumiko’s right,” agreed Rieko.  “We don’t need anyone telling our kids who to marry.”

Next up were the Blackburns.  Kellie waved to her cousin Ava before beginning.  “Hi, guys!  Okay, you are to receive $59,000 and may keep your current land to rebuild on.  I’m assuming you’ll be living on your own Kurtis?”  Everyone turned to look at him and Kurtis nodded.

After his brothers and their wife left Kurtis stepped up to learn what was in store for him.  “Kurtis you are to receive $15,000 and are to marry a sim named Ashley Trevino at the refugee camp later today.  Good luck!”

 As representatives of the family, Keane and Kumiko stated that they have no need for aid.

They were given temporary independence for the Maledire family.

After the last group left the officers walked up to the desk.  “You’ve got to be kidding me!” Enrique laughed when he saw them.

“We have to set a good example for the new community,” stated First Lieutenant Lansing while First Lieutenant Way rolled her eyes and Lieutenant Strickland laughed.

Unable to keep a straight face Kellie looked up matches for her superiors.  “Lt. Lansing you are to marry Jasmin Schwarz.  Lt. Strickland you are to marry Tania Copeland… hey!  We’ll be like family!”  Then she cleared her throat and looked back to the list.  “Lt. Way you are to marry Waylon Sutton.  Good luck to you all!”

And later that day the sims that were to marry met at the refugee camp.

Lieutenant Lansing was matched up with one of the refugees Jasmin Schwarz.

Lieutenant Strickland was matched up with Tania Copeland.

Looks like Lieutenant Way’s match Waylon Sutton is eager to get back to their new house!

Tonya seems pleased with her match Deangelo Gallardo who was also a refugee.

Last is Kurtis Blackburn with his match Ashley Trevino.  He warns Ashley that he’s not into a lot of lovey dovey stuff and she says that’s fine she’s not much into the whole commitment thing.

AfterTime 1.1/Robinson’s 4.3

Chapter notes:

Originally I had this HUGE long explanation of who was who and how they’re related for anyone that isn’t familiar with the different stories.  Y’all would’a fallen asleep trying to read it all.  I will quickly mention though that this save has pretty much all of the babies-teens from my old rotation in addition to Quinn, Lark, and Joi.  I spent weeks working on this extras site.  The lots will be published throughout the day.  There’s the link to the biographies page.  Find who you’re wondering about, click on their name and learn all about them! 

After Time BACC Extras

It was probably a big surprise to most of you that I included the Maledire family from Curses!  I felt like their shorter lifespan would be more realistic in a setting where everyone is aging at a different rate than them.  BUT they will have a longer lifespan than previously.  I’ve changed the lifespan for them to almost the same length as a normal lifespan and for everyone else, it is double that. I finally figured out how to work the MCCC Profiler so that I can use different settings.  Since aging is off for everyone but the active household this is possible.  I will turn aging on for unplayed sims during one household each rotation to keep their ages in sync as well.  I’ve turned off MCCC’s ability to marry sims completely.  It’s still on to start pregnancies for unplayed married sims though.  I also have turned on risky woohoo for everyone but the Curses family and plan to have most children born as oops babies.  

Thanks go to astukas68 for the Train Station which was absolutely perfect!

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    1. Nope, not elders yet. I’d stopped playing them the day after Ella and Heaven’s wedding after Ava married Zaiden and Tevin. Just wait ’till you see what happens in the second chapter when I play them! You’ll be shocked!


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