TS4- (AT 1.1) Robinson Legacy 4.3: So Good Being Home

AfterTime BACC Rotation 1 Chapter 1
Legacy Collaboration
Generation 4 Chapter 3
Who the heck cares what the score was amiright? 

So, here we are!  We have our boys back.  I’ve finally gotten everything set up with all of the sims married and in their lots with the money they’ve rolled to start with.  The Robinsons are the first household of the rotation and boy am I excited to play them again!  I got a little extra time with them since all of the many screenshots and stuff I’d done thus far had all taken up most of Sunday of the first week.  Their play days this rotation are Mon-Wed but I figured I might as well start with them Sunday night.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Don’t Wake the Llama table do this.  It was pretty funny!

Everyone just chilled out in sort of a camp until their house gets built tomorrow.  Spirits were high now that the family is together again.

Some of them were getting hungry which was tricky because they hadn’t bought any food at the store yet.  Luckily there were some potatoes in the garden that Baylee grilled up.

I noticed how brown some of the plants were getting so Liza took care of watering them.

In the morning she hears crying.  Outside of the tent is a little boy and a baby.

Ace was already ready for school so he quickly took care of feeding the poor girl.

They didn’t have a tub to bathe the little boy in but Heaven tried to comfort him.

Things were utter chaos and everyone was glad that the house would be built today.  Inside of the bassinet, Heaven found a note:

With the children’s appearance building the house was of utmost importance.  Though it’s practically a shell at this point there was no sense in building small and constantly upgrading.

As you can see there are just the bare necessities upstairs.

Downstairs is set up a little better.

Doesn’t all this produce look wonderful?  Yummy!

And we can’t forget the photo wall.  Only Baylee and Moose’s portraits have been put up at this point because I’m not sure where I want to put them all.

Preston gets his much-needed bath and Heaven takes advantage of the potty chair’s proximity to start his training.

Baylee cuddles little Maren.  I wonder if she’s getting a little baby fever herself?

These two have still got it after all these years.

Like mother like daughter?

Awe seems everyone’s taking to the little ones quite well.

The boys get home from school and work on their projects for a while.  That week of school they missed has done a number on their grades!

Baylee wanted to cook and realized she’d still not gotten groceries.  So she popped down to their store to shop for food.  She spent a lot of money!

Nico was feeling down so Ace tried to cheer him up by giving him a gag gift.  It was his homework!  It did seem to raise Nico’s spirits.

A Lost Dog’s Journey Home.  Oh, not a dry eye!  At least the boys feel comfortable crying in front of their mom eh?

Preston woke early and had the last meatball while everyone slept.

And also got up to some other trouble.

Ava stopped by to see everyone.  It’s so nice to have the family together again!


Youch!  It always cracks me up when this happens!

I think this mod is so cool!

Haha! I just had to try out this mod too and it was hilarious!

The real reason Ava was there. Testing another mod.

Chapter (AT 1.2) Robinson’s 4.4

Chapter notes:

So! I can’t say how thrilled I am to play the Robinson’s again.  As you’ve probably guessed I’ve given up on the scoring.  I figure that save will be there and I can pick it up someday in the future if I want.  You’re probably wondering about the kids.  So, Heaven has the Superparent aspiration and my one decision was that if one of the sims have a parenting aspiration they’ll try for baby right away. But I wasn’t ready for Ella to have a baby and even then I’d have to somehow cheat to make it Heaven’s for the aspiration.  I mean, I know I can have Heaven get her pregnant but I’d always planned for it to be Duke’s baby.  Anyway! So I’d decided Heaven would adopt. Then I had a thought… why adopt a randomly generated baby when I can have her adopt one of the many babies from my old rotation save?  So I looked through the list and the only one that piqued my interest was Maren. Then it hit me that Maren is Quinn’s cousin! The one doing the YOTO challenge.  And I’m like wait a minute she has another cousin too and looked and it’s Preston! I’m really excited about this.  I think it fits well.  The woman who they were in a household with has the hates children trait so I thought up that note.

The house was not built by me.  Modern is my favorite build style and yet I never seem to be able to build it very well myself.  I found one called 5 Bedroom Blank Canvas by leahlaz and changed practically everything except the structure itself.  It was really weird trying to place furniture in already built rooms since I normally build the room around the furniture.  I ended up making the kitchen area way smaller than I think it was meant to be and put the dining table in it though I’m pretty sure the room I have as a living room was meant as the dining area.  By the time I got done with the part shown in this chapter and buying the library you’ll see in the next I’d finally spent the rest of the over a million that they had when I started with them!  They paid for the university, military barracks, military officers townhomes, the store and a library.  You could call that cheating but I’ve decided I make my own darned rules and I’ll play how I like.  I have one more Robinson’s chapter after this before we move on to Ava’s household.

4 thoughts on “TS4- (AT 1.1) Robinson Legacy 4.3: So Good Being Home

    1. Technically, I guess you could say they would be related to the other Lotharios that were in the old save but… not really since these are ones from my old rotation. I actually played their parents. Didrik was just a sim I put in the save that was someone elses.


  1. I have yet to try out all those mods and seeing those shots makes me want to get on now… EVEN THOUGH my game still hates me 😂 I love their set up! And the structure of the house is beautifully built even with bare insides haha.

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