TS4- (AT 1.2) Robinson Legacy 4.4: That was Suprising

AfterTime BACC Rotation 1 Chapter 2
Legacy Collaboration
Generation 4 Chapter 4

Ava babysat for them while they opened the store.  They hired Duke to run the espresso stand because we missed him.  Staff was hired prior to this because when other households go to the store when they aren’t there the game will generate new sims to run it if they don’t!  From now on when they open the store themselves I’m going to have them send the staff home.  They were useless and cost a fortune.

This is Summer Shaw.  She was one of the original testers.  She bought a chess table.  Beside Ava, you can see one of the vampire residents of Forgotten Hollow.

Ace takes his sister’s order.  I wonder if she gets a family discount.  They closed the store after this because Baylee was absolutely miserable.

They all get home and have dinner then tuck little Preston into bed.

In the morning Nico reads his homework on Preston’s bed.  I wonder if he finds it comforting being close to the little one?

Ella heads over to the new library so that I can take a picture.

She heads inside and I finally figure out how to have her collect the money earned from owning the lot.  She also made a little cash off of Keane and Houda who were using the computers while there which I found unexpected and pretty neat.

When she gets back home her best friend Duke has stopped by to say hi.

And then we get a huge shock.  Yes, you’re seeing that correctly.  Yes, she’s one day from aging to elder!

Baylee runs outside to share the big news with Moose and it looks like Ella and Duke are relieved that they seem to be off the hook as far as baby making goes… this unexpected development may have changed things for the 5th generation heir!

Little Preston was tired so he napped on the couch instead of climbing all of those stairs.  If you were curious no neither of the adopted kids will be eligible as heirs.

This garden is so much work and Liza has a bunch of new custom harvestables in her inventory that need planting as well.  Unfortunately, we can’t hire a gardener!

Awe I love the impromptu affection.

I somehow missed Maren’s age up notification!  Ohmygosh she’s adorable and looks so much like a Lothario!

Heaven wanted to be outside so she took Maren out to slide.

Then Maren came inside and asked Ella to play dolls with her.

Then we had this whole confusion over Maren and Preston not being able to interact and not being on each other’s relationship panels!  I have no idea what happened but I ended up having to move Maren, Nico and Ace temporarily with Ava and then sent Ella and Preston over there so they could add them back.  Until adding Maren back to the household they still couldn’t interact!

Nico seems to really have a soft spot for the kids.

Finally, after selling the garden harvest they were able to do some decorating.

The twins are sharing this huge room.  I could have split it into two but I think they’d rather be together.

Dinner time already?  Wow time flys!

Remember in their old house they always talked in the bathroom next to the kitchen.  It seems this one has taken its place.  Also, I really need to get to finishing the walls and floors in here.  Before there wasn’t a downstairs bathroom so I just added this quickly.

The boys locked their door and Ace practices his new guitar while Nico starts writing a book.

Liza entertains the toddlers.  Remember how good she was with her nieces and nephews.  I didn’t think until this point that I should have invited Kellie to visit but it was getting kinda late.

I love how everyone spends so much time with the kids even though they aren’t related.  I made them Heaven and Ella’s kids with MCCC but it doesn’t show a relationship to the rest of them.

The moms chat while Maren tries out a custom snack veggie bite or something?

Then it’s time to tuck the kiddos in for the night.

Impromptu hug.  I think Ella is as happy as I am to see the family whole again.  And now it’s time for us to leave them and head over to their sister’s household!


I was going to go into build mode for something and it said a vampire is breaking in.  Now, if you read the Robinsons before you know that it takes forever for visitors to get to the house.  He walked like this the whole way!  It seriously took hours!

Finally, he comes into the side door just as Preston was coming inside from playing in the ball pit and I almost died laughing!  He looked at Preston and then started walking normally and walked right out the front door and left!  Oh Vladdy we love you.

She earned $1,259 from the library!

Once I’d gotten over my shock it occurred to me that I won’t be able to screenshot any of her pregnancy.  So I changed the pregnancy length.  Darned risky woohoo.  Really, I think it’s pretty funny.

I gave her silly because her parents were pretty goofy.

I have no idea why Ella got this.  She was unemployed at the time.

Robinson’s Chapter 4.5 coming soon!


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