TS4- (AT 1.3) Blackburns Ch 2: The Asterisk Club

AfterTime BACC
Rotation 1 Chapter 3
Blackburns Chapter 2

Ava, Tevin, and Zaiden started off their first day at her families store to get some supplies.  When they got there Kurtis was there so Ava and Tevin stopped to chat with him before going inside.

They need to keep things inexpensive at first because both Ava and Zaiden can unlock their chosen careers by purchasing a lounge venue.

Unlike her mother who bought several of practically everything, Ava grabs one of each of the less expensive plantables and just one beef so that she can grill it somewhere if needed.

While their wife shops the guys catch up with their brother.  Typical.

The few purchases they made put them under the amount needed to purchase the lounge so Tevin gets a loan for $2,500 from the machine.

Then they head to the library to use the free computers to purchase the lounge.

Here it is!  The Asterisk Club.

Now that they’ve unlocked their careers with the purchase Ava and Zaiden enter the Entertainer and Culinary careers.

The mixologist that shows up is Isis Ikeda.  She shows Zaiden some moves.

You’ll figure it out Zaiden… hopefully.

I guess Ava and Tevin don’t want to risk testing Zaiden’s drinks.  They both headed over and ordered from Isis.  Which they made the money back from so I guess it’s okay.

Alright, fisherman, I guess you should start working on your skill as well.  Look it’s our friendly vampire, Elena Harper.

Even though she’s gone into the Entertainer career for the Comedy branch Ava has to increase her guitar skill.  Later I discovered that she’d brought this guitar home with her!

Looks like two of our military officers have come to listen to Ava’s poor playing.  She becomes embarassed even though they both tipped her.  Perhaps it was the fact that they only tipped two simoleans?  Our friendly train conductor Thomas Lyon chats with Dolly Lane.  I wonder if he’s asking about the open position at the Lane Youth Home?

And some of our Maledire elders have ventured off of the lot.  Ira and Sterling haven’t left the lot since they’d gotten married to Calix and Kanai many years ago!

Hooray!  First fish.  It’s a tuna worth nothing but it can be cooked so we’ll take it.

The other officer shows up as well as Kurtis’s new wife Ashley and one of the sims from the barracks.  I wonder if Zhang is nervous about joining the conversation?

I thought you were fishing!  All of them are super tired.  I guess when I entered the lot I didn’t look to see if they’d gotten enough sleep.

Awe what’s the matter Vladdy?  You’re going to get singed standing outside!

Ava called him in so he wouldn’t burst into flames.

Well, that was unexpected.  Marco Nair shows up to act as an entertainer.  Unfortunately, I don’t think he had any violin skills at all!

He also didn’t play for very long.  For some reason, nobody was ordering drinks so they hired another mixologist but it didn’t help.  If you don’t recognize her it’s Tonya Underwood one of our restauranteurs.  Just as they were about to leave sims started buying drinks again.  No clue why they weren’t before that.

Since he’d already taken a nap on the bench Tevin does a little fishing while the other two take a quick nap in the tent.  See the new cooler he got?

Love it!

Their little camp so far.

Really?  Well, at least it was Ava and not one of the guys.  They are sooo not ready for kids on this lot yet!

I’d say have fun but I don’t think you will!

AT Chapter 1.4/Blackburns Chapter 3 coming soon!


Chapter notes:

When I had Tevin get that small loan I thought at the time that he could pay the entire balance back but it seems you can only do the daily payments which like I said on the challenge page doesn’t work since we’re rotating.  I’ve left a comment to LittleMsSam to see if it’s possible to change it somehow because I really want to use the loans.  As you can probably tell, I’m having a blast playing and seeing all of my other sims show up.  I knew I would.  That was the thing I liked the most about my old rotation.  So far, owning the lounge has been the most fun and profitable.  At least when sims actually order drinks it’s profitable.

2 thoughts on “TS4- (AT 1.3) Blackburns Ch 2: The Asterisk Club

  1. Reading these chapters have gotten me familiar with your other stories that I have not yet read. Glad you’re doing it this way. Also it has given me motivation to restart the challenge. (Since I messed up on a few things) I have been putting it off for a couple days since I’m having loading problems and you were changing some things.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m testing the changes now. I’ll tell you about all of it on Twitter. I’m doing the test with the sims I originally tested the first version with tho.

      Liked by 1 person

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